The Awesomeness At SDCC Continues: Highlights From Day 2

sdcc day 2 feature

As the weekend officially begins, we say goodbye to the first half of San Diego Comic-Con and hello to a world of upcoming nerd goodies. Today was a sweet day to be in Hall H as we saw some pretty big trailers and clips hit the screen. *cough cough Walking Dead* But that’s not all the happenings that went down. Prepare for some video game announcements, new season trailers and, of course, some good ole fashioned silliness from Conan-Con as we dive into day number two at SDCC!

Ken Masters joins Street Fighter and now we can’t stop practicing our shoryuken poses.

Conan and Andy explore the world of anime eyes.

Rick and Morty had their season two preview screening PLUS season two posters were available as SDCC exclusives only. *cries*

Jessica Chobot from Nerdist Industries gives us the 411 on the armored Batman suit and confirms that it’s everything we’ve ever wanted.

A BUNCH of wicked limited-edition Rise of the Tomb Raider posters were displayed at SDCC. They’re all exclusively done by one of four famous artists including Geof Darrow who created this little bad boy right here.

Hasbro announced a brand spankin’ new Transformer series with a video game to match.

Chris Parnell does a signing for his book on ConanCon and we still don’t know where to get a copy.
chris p book signing

Here’s an official clip of the new Sherlock and, yes, that includes Watson’s freshly-grown moustache.

Team Coco plays Diablo III featuring Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham and Michelle Morrow and it makes all our dreams a reality. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Team Coco’s daily gaming adventure’s here!
team coco plays diablo

A HillyWood meet and greet is going down and, again, we’re crying because we’re not there.

We find out the true origin story of Conan O’Brien. It’s EXACTLY what you think it is.

Season nine of Doctor Who is making our brains explode because erhhmagerd Zygons AND WAIT HOLY CRAP ATTACK MAISIE WILLIAMS?!

Last but not least, fresh out the Hall H doors: The Ricktatorship may officially be in trouble in the season six trailer of The Walking Dead.

Alright that’s it. Nothing else to see here, we’re totally done.


Okay NOW we’re done, we promise. Oh, and by the way, Conan O’brien’s gonna be covering SDCC all week long so if you wan’t more SDCC goodies go ahead and check it out from the man behind Conan-Con himself!