The Bellas Take Europe In New ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer  


The Barden Bellas have triumphed over obnoxious all-male a cappella groups and obnoxious German a cappella groups. But what’ll happen when they go head-to-head with obnoxious instrumentalists?

In the latest Pitch Perfect 3 trailer, former Bella boss Aubrey (Anna Camp) suggests that the Barden Bellas reunite to perform for the USO’s annual European tour. Which is a relief for the other ladies who—as we saw in the first Pitch Perfect 3 trailer—haven’t been doing so hot since graduating from Barden University.

But staging a comeback tour won’t be easy, as the two acts touring with the Bellas (one of which is led by Calamity, played by model and actor Ruby Rose) sing and play instruments. Beca (Anna Kendrick) tries to intimidate the bands the best (and possibly only) way the Bellas know how—by challenging them to a riff-off. But Beca’s “Ignition Remix” is no match for their rendition of “Wake Me Up,” and the Bellas are left feeling more terrified than ever.

Ruby Rose in Pitch Perfect 3.

Meanwhile Beca has a difficult decision to make, as a record executive keeps trying to tear her away from the Bellas by offering her a solo recording deal. Near the end of the trailer we see Beca standing on stage by herself while the other Bellas look on proudly, but who knows what Beca’s ultimate decision will be?

If it’s any consolation, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) will clearly always remain Fat Amy, no matter what Beca decides to do. The Australian dynamo punches an inflatable shark, gets into a fist fight, and leaps off an exploding boat all within three short minutes of footage (with the Bellas’ melodic version of George Michael’s “Freedom ‘90” playing in the background, of course).

Unfortunately Jesse (Skylar Astin) and Benji (Dear Evan Hansen’s Ben Platt) aren’t returning for this third installment. But since this is the last time we’ll see the Bellas all together, we know they’ll find a way to go out with a bang.

Pitch Perfect 3 warbles its way into theatres on December 22.