The Best Animal Moments Of 2014 Will Make You Love Life


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Animals really make our lives so much better. There is nothing like looking at a picture of a dog in a costume or hearing a story of unlikely animal friendships to really perk up your day. This year has been a great year for stories about animals. From hero cats, to celeb pets and trickster pandas, there were plenty of unusual stories to make us smile.

We picked some of our favourite animal moments from 2014 in this list that is sure to make you smile.

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Tara The Hero Cat


This list would be worth nothing if we didn’t put this amazing moment on our list. In the eternal battle of cats versus dogs, the cats definitely come out on top in this case. In May, a little boy in Bakersfield, California was playing out in front of his house when I dog came up and attacked his leg, pulling him off of his tricycle. Not half a second passed before the family’s cat, Tara darted out of the house and kung-fu kicked the dog off of the boy. The dog darted off while the mom was able to tend to the little boy. Cats get a lot of flack for being aloof and not loyal but this seems like loyalty at it’s most fierce. Watch the video to remind yourself how amazing it is.

The Celebrity of Olivia Benson


Taylor Swift is a cat lover. Everyone knows it. Her little cutie Meredith has been in our lives since 2011 and has 11,500 Twitter followers. But this year, Taylor got Olivia Benson, a little playmate for sweet Meredith. And boy did Olivia get a lot of attention. She was carried out on the street, was photographed on the daily for Instagram, was the subject of hundreds of gossip blogs and was ridiculed by John Cleese We have met a few cats in our lives and none of them would be cool with being held on the streets of New York while paparazzi cameras snap. Lucky for us cat ladies though, the tall, blonde, social butterfly is the type of person that helps improve the image of cat ladies.

Kim K’s Elephant Just Wants To Play


No one can say that Kim doesn’t put her life on the line while doing her job. If you want that selfie goodness that she is giving us, be aware that she is taking risks for your enjoyment. When she was in Thailand at the end of March she tried to take a selfie with the cutest little baby elephant. As she was posing for a selfie with the adorble dude, he raised his trunk and blew air onto her hair. Cue Kim freakout. She ran away while her mother watched smiling, expressing exactly how we feel looking at the picture. He just wanted to play!

Is That A Dog or A Bear? We Can’t Tell!


There is always value in saving your year end lists for the very end of the year. Anyone making a list of best albums at the end of last year may have missed Beyonce’s secret album drop. If we had posted this blog much earlier we would have missed this little gem. There is a beautiful subset of animal pictures and videos of animals in costumes. There is another beautiful subset of animal pictures of animals in costumes that are optical illusions. Like this one. Awww. So when you put a little teddy bear costume on a shih tzu named Munchkin and stick him on a treadmill, he looks like a walking teddy bear. Our hearts are in puddles.

Grumpy Cat Finally Makes It In Hollywood


Oh our dear dear Grumpster. Long may you live. Grumpy Cat first rose to fame in 2012 she is getting more and more popular. She has her own stuffed toys, coffee and so much merch. Now she has her own movie! Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever premiered last week on Lifetime and the little moody baby was as cute as ever. Plus, she had a famous voice provided by Aubrey Plaza. A lot of the roles Aubrey has played are basically human Grumpy Cats. There are some April lines in Parks and Recreation that you could also just copy and paste in to the Grumpy Cat movie and they would fit in quite well. The match turned out to be perfect.

Marnie Becomes The Celeb World’s Favourite Dog


If you haven’t yet met Marnie, prepare to wonder, “What took so long?” She has posed for photos with Miley Cyrus, Tina Fey, Demi Lovato, Lena Dunham and Joe Jonas just to name a few! Marnie is a old shih tzu who was adopted from a shelter. She has a few health issues that keep her tongue hanging out of her mouth and make it difficult for her to walk in a straight line. But that is part of her charm. Her mom is an MTV producer which helps her get access to all of the famous people who pop up in her Instagram pictures. Next step, a presidential selfie. One day?!

Although her Instagram is mostly photos, this video makes us cry with joy every time.

Panda Tries To Pull A Fast One


Oh pandas. Those little tricksters. When a female panda in China started showing the signs of pregnancy earlier this year everyone got pretty stoked. Pandas are highly endangered. But, two months later, the panda went back to acting normally which has lead the keepers to believe that she was faking pregnancy to get more food. We feel you sistah. Another panda expert said that it was probably a hormonal issue, not a trick but we like to imagine that she just wanted a few extra panda buns. The breeding centre had planned the first live streamed birth of a baby panda. It was cancelled.

Hero Poses In Yearbook Photo With Cat


Lazers. Cats. Reflective expressions. These three things a beautiful photo make. Draven Rodriguez, a senior at upstate New York’s Schenectady High School, petitioned his school to allow a picture of him posing with his cat to become his official yearbook photo. This guy seems like he would have been our best friend in high school. The kitty’s name? Mr. Bigglesworth. The school agreed and the principal even got in on it, posing in another photo shoot with Draven, Mr. Bigglesworth and her own little dog Vivienne. Now that is a funny name for a dog. We are calling it now. This is going to be the hot trend for the next school photo season.

Keyboard Cat Makes A Big Return At The Puppy Bowl


Keyboard Cat, one of the internet’s greatest stars, had a big comeback at one of the most coveted platforms for a musician. The Puppy Bowl half-time show. In an homage to the real Super Bowl half-time show, he did a Bruno Mars cover with little kitten back-up dancers. Welcome back to the spotlight you musical genius you! The tenth Puppy Bowl also featured a bird social networker and guinea pigs watching from a blimp. And some penguins. Michelle Obama even made an appearance.