The Best Celebrity Ink, Including Angelina Jolie’s New Back Piece


Angelina Jolie has recently added to her growing collection of tattoos, this time on her back. The star was spotted in Cambodia with her new ink, while reportedly filming a new movie called First They Killed My Father. She already had the script on the far left, but she added art in the middle and right side of her back.

But Jolie isn’t the only celebrity who loves to adorn her body in art. Here’s our wonderful list of the best celeb ink:


Angelina Jolie
Angie’s definitely the first of this list. One of her most notable pieces is her tiger tattoo on her lower back, done in Thailand in 2004. She got in done in traditional hand poke style, then got it blessed by the artist who chanted an ancient Thai hymn after it was complete. Jolie apparently got it to celebrate her Cambodian citizenship.


Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has lots of tiny tattoos on her arms and some larger ones on her torso, but one of the best pieces on her body is the portrait of her grandmother, done by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. See the resemblance?


Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato got her first of many tattoos on her rib cage when she was 16. Her dream catcher tattoo made its first appearance after two years when she was 18. It also has some text saying “you make me beautiful,” which is from a song called Beautiful by Bethany Dillon.


Brendon Urie
Panic! At The Disco vocalist Brendon Urie has a colourful tribute to his passion for music on his left forearm. There’s some piano keys surrounded by tropical flowers in this piece. It’s his first tattoo and he got it around 2011.


RiRi got her sternum (and underboob?!) tattooed in 2012 with an image of the goddess Isis. She got it in tribute to her late grandmother, and described the imagery on Instagram as a “model for future generations.”


Justin Bieber 
Justin Bieber‘s sleeve makes it on the list. His sleeve features his mother’s eye, an angel that looks suspiciously like Selena Gomez, the word “believe,” a castle (which matches the castle tattoo his father has), roses, the Greek character for “Christ,” and some clouds to fill in the gaps. It’s quite a cohesive sleeve. The more you stare at it, the more detail you notice.


Lady Gaga
Mother Monster has an adorable tattoo on her upper leg: a unicorn with a banner saying “Born this way.” This tattoo is a homage to her 2011 song and album of the same title.The song’s message is about embracing your individuality and accepting who you are. It looks like Lady Gaga wanted to have a little reminder about that message on herself.


Hanna Beth
Fashion blogger, model, and brand ambassador for designer Diane Von Furstenberg Hanna Beth has so many cute and gorgeous tattoos that it was very difficult to pick just one favourite of hers. But we love the paisley design she has on her lower back/side because of the intricate detail. She got it done in Las Vegas during the 2015 Vans Warped Tour (she accompanied her boyfriend, musician Mod Sun).


Harry Styles
Harry Styles’ shows the world what a great piece of traditional tattoo style looks like in his moth tattoo. With crisp line work and symmetry, this is definitely one of our favourite One Direction tattoos.


Cara Delevigne
This British beauty has a lifelike black and grey lion tattooed on her index finger. It was the first tattoo of her collection and it was the tattoo that started off her passion for ink. The model got it in 2013.