The Best Covers Of 2015


A good cover is the mark of a true artist. It takes a certain amount of skill and flair to take a song we’ve heard a thousand times, and turn it into something completely new and amazing. Here are the best cover songs of 2015.

Walk Off The Earth – Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd)

Walk Off The Earth are no strangers to covers, but for this one, they enlisted the help of Toronto-based Scott Helman to take on The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face. This is a beautiful and very Canadian mash-up of talent.

Ben Gibbard – Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays)

This cover hit the Internet at the beginning of this year so it almost didn’t make the cut. Thank God it did, because this is a work of art. Death Cab For Cutie frontman shared his slowed down version of east coaster’s Alvvays breakout single Archie, Marry Me.

Childish Gambino – So Into You (Tamia)

Despite laying low this year with no new releases or plans for future music endeavours, comedian-turned-writer-turned-actor-turned-rapper Donald Glover nearly broke the Internet with his cover of Tamia’s So Into You. We all knew he could rap, but did you know he could sing this well too?

Alessia Cara – Bad Blood (Taylor Swift)

It was hard to choose only one of Alessia’s covers to make this list. She is, after all, a cover queen. But we opted for Bad Blood because we credit this performance for ejecting her into fame and of course, onto Taylor Swift’s radar.

Ryan Adams – Style (Taylor Swift)

Have you ever loved an album so much that you redid every single record on it? No? We guess that’s just Ryan Adams then. He took Taylor’s 1989 and performed his own indie renditions of all our faves.

Chvrches – What Do You Mean (Justin Bieber)

This year, the world of musicians were also pleasantly surprised by Justin Bieber’s rebirth. In the past, you’d probably never see artists like Florence Welch go near a JB track, but in 2015, a whole mess of artists raced to cover Sorry and Where Are U Now. Check out indie superstars Chrvrches take on What Do You Mean

Art of Sleeping – Hotline Bling (Drake)

Arguably one of the biggest songs of the year, every artist and their mother wanted to do their version of Hotline Bling. Sam Smith, Justin Bieber and Alessia Cara all tried their hand at it, but in the end, we chose this Aussie band, Art Of Sleeping, as our favourite. It’s also way underrated. Give it some love below.