The Best Memes of 2015


In an age where we spend most of our free time in front of illuminated screens on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the art of the Internet meme has become intertwined with our daily life and culture. As quickly as the news changes, memes appear and disappear. Here were 2015’s most iconic memes that made us laugh all year long.

Drake’s Hotline Bling

While Drake as an entity has always been a meme known for being oversensitive, hung up on his exes an excessive crier, but the phenomenon of his track Hotline Bling brought on a whole new reason for us to laugh with/at him.

Miley, What’s Good

The iconic VMA exchange between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj will forever be immortalized in bad Internet jokes. Replacing dialogue from pop culture moments with “What’s good” will never not be funny.


What it do bih 😂 #vmas

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Lil Mama Crying

In the more traditional use of a meme, this photo of Lil Mama crying accompanied with clever tweets perfectly illustrated feelings of despair and defeat.

What Are Those

We never thought a Vine of someone asking an officer about his footwear would ever grow to be this big. Obviously we underestimated the power of the Internet.

Free Myesha fast

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Netflix And Chill

What originally started as a coy euphemism for an ~intimate date~ has become so iconic that Ariana Grande named her Christmas album after this meme.




DJ Khaled’s Snapchat

DJ Khaled was a late game contender in the race for the biggest memes of the year. But over the short course of a few months, he’s grown his fan base on Snapchat with his hilarious updates, daily antics including watering his plants and catchphrases including but not limited to: “Major key to success”, “They don’t want you to jet ski”, “Bless up”, “Another one” and “LION ORDER”

Why You Always Lyin

This Vine is easily the best thing to come from Internet humor this year. The phrase “mmmmohmygod” will go down in comedic history. It’s been translated into several languages, re-appropriated numerous times and his face has become the universal symbol of catching someone in a lie.