The Best Performances From The 2015 Juno Awards (Ranked!)


Sun, March, 15 by


10. MAGIC!
We’re not gonna lie, we loved Rude. But we’ve also admittedly noticed the magic fade a little in the past few months and, well, even the band looked a little bored performing their smash hit. We want to believe in the MAGIC!, we really do! (Watch their performance here!)

9. Deadmau5 and Colleen D’Agostino
Still sporting his signature mouse helmet, Deadmau5 performed a song alongside singer Colleen D’Agostino that literally made us think, “We had no clue that was a Deadmau5 song!” That song, Seeya, is a totally catchy dance track, but unfortunately, was no match for some of the night’s other big performances. (Watch their performance here!)

8. Hedley
Junos host Jacob Hoggard kicked off the show with an explosive performance with his band Hedley (whose members were sadly cast aside to the sidelines for the rest of the evening). Although it was a fiery first performance, it wasn’t interesting enough to differentiate this from any of Hedley’s other memorable performances. Still great, though, don’t get us wrong! (Watch their performance here!)

7. Bobby Bazini
For those wondering who Bobby Bazini is, he is a French Canadian singer-songwriter and four-time Juno nominee. His performance tonight was one of the more low-key moments, but that just highlighted how beautiful Bazini’s songwriting really is. With any luck, Bazini will get his first Juno win real soon! (Watch his performance here!)

6. The Weeknd
Artist of the Year winner The Weeknd performed his 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack number tonight and while we’re still blown away by Abel Tesfaye’s voice, this was again another tame performance that was just not as great as some other performances. But trust us when we say we feel the urge to watch 50 Shades every time we hear that song (which is an incredible feat because otherwise, we would never think of seeing that film). (Watch his performance here!)

5. Shawn Mendes
Tonight was Shawn Mendes’ first time on the Junos stage, but you best believe this won’t be his last. The young pop star performed his smash hit, Life of the Party, to a crowd of screaming fans holding up their phones and we can’t help but be hashtag totally in love with him after watching that performance. (Watch his performance here!)

4. Arkells
Hometown heroes Arkells performed to their biggest fans tonight in addition to taking home the award for Rock Album of the Year (they also won Group of the Year at last night’s Gala). Rockin’ the crowd with their single Come To Light, the spotlight was 100% on these Hamilton rockers when they hit the stage tonight. (Watch their performance here!)

3. Kiesza
The biggest winner of the night, Kiesza, gave one of the most energetic performances of the evening. Starting off at the piano performing her upcoming single Sound of a Woman, Kiesza then transitioned into her signature dance moves from her Hideaway music video and really blew us away with her moves and that dynamic voice of hers! (Watch her performance here!)

2. Sam Roberts Band and Lights
Even though these two Canadian artists may appear to have nothing in common, musically, their performance together at the Junos was the night’s best duet. Performing Sam Robert Band’s We’re All In This Together, Lights truly stepped up like a rock star and the results were incredible. More collabs in the future, please! (Watch their performance here!)

1. Alanis Morissette
You can’t get any better than the woman of the evening, Alanis Morissette. The Canadian Hall of Fame inductee hit the stage to perform some of her biggest hits including You Oughta Know and You Learn, proving that she is really a legendary artist not just in Canada, but worldwide. Thank YOU, Alanis! (Watch her performance here!)