The Best Things That Happened On The Internet In 2016 (So Far)


We’re about 16 per cent through the year, but since 2016 started, a lot of great things have happened on the Internet. Let’s take a look back at the best tweets, jokes and memes that will most definitely be annoying in roughly eight weeks time.

Damn Daniel

Colloquially dubbed (by us) as 2016’s response to last year’s What Are Those?, Damn Daniel is the latest meme of a 30-second video of a young man named Daniel stunting in various outfits, including a pair of crisp white Vans.

The original tweet is less than 10 days old, but it’s already exploded on the Internet, inspiring dozens ofparody videos and even a catchy rap song. The two have since made their mandatory Ellen appearance.

Incidentally, by the time you finish reading this post, the joke will probably be unfunny.

Kanye Tweeting Again

The time between Yeezus and Pablo, Kanye has been relatively quiet on social media. But gearing up to the release of his highly anticipated seventh studio album, Kanye began to light the Twitter game on fire. He’s gone on so many Twitter rants we’ve lost count, calling out Taylor Swift, The Grammys, Puma, Wiz Khalifa, Pitchfork and anyone else who crosses him, his family or his album. (Honorable mention: TLOP cover parodies)

Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1

In other Kanye-related news, the first 30-seconds of Father Stretch My Hands has evolved into another popular meme. The track has been played over iconic television and film moments that involve getting shot and other already viral videos. Check out a few of our faves below.

WWE Subway Experience

You don’t need to be a fan of the WWE or the fast food sandwich chain to enjoy this genius Twitter account. “WWE Subway Experience” is the only description of this account that you need.

And Finally…This…Cat?


A little reverse-image Google searching tells us that this meme is officially titled Persian Cat Room Guardian. Either way, this photoset is amazing and almost always relevant.