The Biggest Moments in The Year of Kimye


Was there a bigger power couple this year than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Okay, maybe Jay Z and Beyoncé but they didn’t have one of the most massive weddings of all time this year. Love them or hate them, or love one of them and hate the other, they were very influential in pop culture this year. Heck Kim was named Time Magazine‘s 2nd most influential character, take that as you will.

We took a look at the year in Kimye and picked the biggest moments. Check it out.

The Wedding


Their biggest moment of the year has to have been the nuptials of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. There were so many little details it would be impossible to run them all down. Jaden Smith was dressed as White Batman. The guests’ names were carved in to a marble dining table. The guests were flown from France to Italy. The bride and groom both wore Givenchy. They had matching leather jackets for the reception. Rob Kardashian left early. Brody Jenner never came. They partied at Versailles. John Legend performed. Their meal was cooked by a three-Michelin-star restaurateur. Their pastor was hot. It was just a fantastic spectacle. Their first married smooch picture is the most liked photo on Instagram.

The whole thing was documented for the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but instead of having a camera crew hovering, the pair had their friends and family document it all for the show. It really was a beautiful episode. Especially when Kanye West discouraged the bridesmaids from having their dresses feature a slit up to their hoo-has.

Out and About For Fashion Week


Kim and Kanye kept up their reputation as the fashion world’s royalty in waiting by making the rounds at Paris Fashion Week. Paris is their home away from America and they made their presence known at at the city’s fashion week this year. The very attractive pair showed up at shows separately, together, with her family and with, most adorably, North West. They attended the Balmain, Lanvin, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Dries Van Noten shows. Not to mention that lil sis Kendall Jenner played a prominent role on the runway. Plus, North West killed her Fashion Week style. What a street style star.

But lest we forget the pretty shitty Vitalii Sediuk assault. The celeb assaulter and television personality shoved Kim Kardashian while she, Kanye and her mom Kris were exiting a limousine to enter the Balmain Fashion Show in Paris.

They made the week a total spectacle. Come on. Look at that!


North West’s First Birthday


The beautiful angel who is North West turned one-year-old this June and her family threw her a giant bash. The party called, “Kidchella”, was themed like a big fantastical music festival but for kids. The party took place in the backyard of her aunt Kourtney Kardashian’s Calabasas home and featured a ferris wheel, a tipi and a bouncy castle. The cutie wore a fringed dress and adorable flower crown. The whole fam documented the event on Instagram with the hashtag #Kidchella. The event wasn’t without controversy though. North’s aunt Khloe wore a First Nation’s style headdress like many Coachella attendees. When in doubt, DON’T WEAR A HEADDRESS!

We can only imagine what birthday number two will be like, Not to mentioned her Sweet Sixteen. Ooo-eee.

Kanye has always been one for big gestures in this relationship. For Kim’s first Mother’s Day he made her a giant wall of white flowers. Jealz.

Photo Shoots on Photo Shoots


This couple has to be the two most photographed people of all time. This year, their photo shoots dominated magazines from the front covers to the advertisements inside.

We may as well get the biggie out of the way. Shall we just all assume that when we say the Kim Kardashian magazine cover, we all know what we mean. Right? Okay, well just in case, very quickly, Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Paper magazine with her booty on full display. The cover taunts us with the subhead, “Break The Internet Kim Kardashian.” And although it didn’t quite break the internet, the flurry of memes that followed came much closer. It is rumoured that Kanye may have influenced the shoot because his ex Amber Rose also did a Jean-Paul Goude inspired shoot when they were still dating.

Kim also posed nude in British GQ earlier in the year but no one remembers that now.

She and Kanye together were on the cover of Vogue magazine after Anna Wintour famously said she would never put Kim on her cover, then later took that back. The inside photos were so beautiful it makes us cry a single tear. Those chubby baby legs. Adorbs!

Now the pair are the official faces of Balmain. This is Kim’s first high-fashion campaign and features close-ups of the couple near a swanky limo. It is a pretty and classy series of photos but we could use a little more crazy Kanye creativity.

Rocking Their Own Business Ventures


As much as they are a power couple together, the pair also had killer years separately, even if Kanye didn’t realise a full album this year (YET). Kim appeared on both Family Guy and 2 Broke Girls. Kim released a book of her personal selfies called Kim Kardashian Selfish. She also made a zillion dollars from her phone game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that was a sensation in it’s own right. She was also paid $500,000 to go on a date with a terrible, racist billionaire. But lets forget about that.

Kanye wrapped up his incredible Yeezus tour in 2014. He apparently has a new album in the vault which he played for a few select people and performed for Seth Rogen and his wife in the back of a limo van. He also kept upping his fashion game by releasing the Nike Air Yeezy III and making his voice heard as a fashion expert. Plus he produced Pusha-T’s “Lunch Money” and starred as a football coach in Big Sean’s video for “IDFWU”. That is pretty cool.