The Biggest Surprises From the Golden Globe Award Nominees


Happy movie awards season! Gosh we love it. We got the Screen Actors Guild Award nominees yesterday. Today we got the Golden Globes Award nominees. The fun thing about the Globes besides being hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey again this year and that everyone is drunk, is that it honours both movies and television shows.

The nominees were for the most part not surprising but we noticed a few things that stood out.

Check it out.

Happy Surprises



It is no surprise that Selma was nominated for Best Motion Picture, Drama, Best Director for Ava Duvernay and Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama for it’s star David Oyelowo. The real surprise came yesterday when no performances were nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. So we were elated to see Selma get it’s respect at the Golden Globe Awards. At least one member of the Much digital team has seen it and only has great things to say about it. David Oyelowo’s performance is like seeing Martin Luther King himself on the screen. We want a Selma sweep.

Jane The Virgin


Sometimes when a television show is good it will be almost a shoe in for award nominations making it difficult for new shows to get a chance. But every once in a while, a new show will get it’s shot. Last year it was Brooklyn 99. This year it is Jane The Virgin nominated for Best Comedy Series and Best Performance by an Actress in TV Series, Comedy for the star Gina Rodriguez. The show isn’t for everyone but we love it. It has what all good comedies have, a real heart.

Mark Ruffalo


There was so much talk about the incredible performances of Steve Carell and Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher. But, what came close to that as a popular topic of conversation among people who like to talk about such things was how amazing Mark Ruffalo’s simple performance was and how he was totally going to get snubbed. Well maybe the amount of talk about his inevitable snub made sure the snub didn’t happen. You follow? His role of David Schultz has earned him a nomination for Best Performance a Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. Although he may have a quieter role, this is well deserved recognition.

Quvenzhané Wallis


Well. This was a surprise. I don’t think many people would have guessed that little Quvenzhan√© Wallis would have been nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Annie in the remake of the family musical Annie. But, after seeing her breakout role in Beasts of the Southern Wild we want every success for her. She is a very talented young actor and even had a small role in last year’s big winner, 12 Years a Slave. Keep killing it Q!

Neutral Surprise


This is more of an observation, mostly for people who care about award show strategy. Probably a very small group. But, something we found interesting is that True Detective was submitted as a drama series for the Emmy Awards and ended up losing big time to Breaking Bad. Now it is in the more appropriate mini series category where it stands a better chance. Hm.

Disappointing Surprises aka Snubs

Mad Men


The first half of the final season of Mad Men aired this year and the second half is airing next year. We are just going to presume that the reason it wasn’t nominated for anything is that they are waiting to give it all of the awards next year as a going away gift.

Gone Girl


Gone Girl wasn’t nominated for Best Motion Picture, Drama even though it was nominated for it’s screenplay, score, directing and performance by Rosamund Pike. We don’t mean to be greedy and we’re not sure what it would replace but we think it should have been nominated. Maybe it could have pushed out one of the Comedy or Musical nominees. It has funny moments.

Inherent Vice


This. Now this makes us grumpy. The Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical has historical been a pretty thin category. True, we have not seen Inherent Vice. But damn, those trailers. AND Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical so it probs is great.