The biggest TV deaths we’re still not over

Fans of The Simpsons have known this was coming for months, but last night was the big goodbye to beloved schoolteacher Edna Krabappel. The episode, titled The Man Who Grew Too Much, closed with Edna and her husband Ned Flanders dancing in Ned’s dream, with Ned reminiscing about his late wife’s signature laugh. Tear.

The death of Mrs. K is a hard hit for many Simpsons fans, but to love TV means you must also deal with the loss of characters. Let’s have a look at some of the small screens most painful goodbyes.

[Big spoilers below!]

George on Grey’s Anatomy

It was no secret that TR Knight was ready to leave the medical drama after the departure of his friend Katherine Heigl, and boy did he go out with dramatics. In the Season 5 finale, the staff of Seattle Grace treat a John Doe patient as any other, until they realize it’s their friend and co-worker George under the bruised and battered body.

Ben on Scrubs

Though Brendan Fraiser was not a main character on Scrubs, his guest appearance left a hole in the hearts of many fans. Best friend and brother-in-law to 24/7 grumpy pants Dr. Cox, the episode featuring Ben’s death was one of the most beautifully heart-wrenching 30 minutes of Scrubs, an impressive feat for a program that never held punches when it came to the often dark reality of working in a hospital.

Antonia on 90210

We all fell in love with Rebecca Gayheart’s ‘Toni’ on 90210 in the early nineties. She had the greatest hair and softened the blackened heart of Dylan. Then we all mourned along with Dylan when a car meant for him was blown up, killing Toni. UGH!

Mitch/Jen on Dawson’s Creek

In case we thought watching Dawson deal with the death of his father Mitch after a freak car accident wasn’t enough (he was just getting ice cream!), the elder Leery’s passing may have been put into place to prepare fans for the sudden death of main character Jen (Michelle Williams) in the series finale. How much pain can one creek hold?!

Miranda’s Mother on Sex And The City

Though fans of SATC never actually see Mrs. Hobbes, the realism with which her death was handled by Miranda struck a cord with viewers. From Miranda’s breaking down in a dressing room when an overly helpful sales assistant acted in a motherly way, to Samantha finally crying for her friend’s loss in the middle of the funeral, to Steve and Aidan showing up unexpectedly at the church service, Miranda’s loss was real and palpable for those who had come to love her character over six seasons.

Paul Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules

Actress Katey Sagal is no stranger to enduring heartbreak on national television. During her time as Peg Bundy on Married…With Children, the actress became pregnant in real life and the pregnancy was written into the show. Sadly, Sagal suffered a stillbirth in her seventh month and the pregnancy was re-written as a dream. Years later, Sagal was starring in 8 Simple Rules, when her TV husband John Ritter died suddenly during the show’s second season after a heart attack was misdiagnosed. Ritter’s death was written into the storyline as well and fans of the show watched in sadness as the cast dealt with Ritter’s death both as their characters and in real life.

Lori on The Walking Dead

She survived the zombie apocalypse, an affair with her husbands best friend, the return of her dead husband, and a pregnancy fit for the pioneers. Unfortunately, her eleven year old son didn’t know how to deliver her baby. Kids these days.

Brody on Homeland

Thanks for the nightmares, Homeland.

Kenny on South Park

Okay, we just had to end with something a little less sad. They killed Kenny!