The Cast Of All That Is Reuniting —Take A Look Back At The Show’s 10 Best Sketches


’90s kids unite! Get set – because the popular Nickelodeon show All That is coming back for a special next month! The popular Saturday Night Live-esque sketch comedy series is bringing back some of its favourite personalities for a special reunion. Even though the content of the special is yet to be determined, cast members Danny Tamberelli, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg, and Kenan Thompson will be back to celebrate the ’90s hit. The show ran from 1994-2005 with an impressive 11 seasons featuring Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon and SNL superstar Kennan Thompson, to name a few.

We’ve decided to relive the good old days of All That by counting down our top 10 favourite sketches.

10. Walter The Earboy

Yes Walter’s ears were a statement, and the jokes were hit and miss, but it’s his friend Pizzaface that lands this sketch on our list.

9. Whatever

These two valley girls could get super annoying, but overall the sketch was pretty hilarious. Their depiction of pre-teen obsessions during the ’90s were pretty dead on and we can definitely look back and laugh at them today.

8. Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

This reoccuring sketch featured current SNL personality Kennan Thompson as he tried—and failed—to teach French phrases for everyday situations.

7. Repairman Man-Man-Man-Man

This guy has no idea how to fix plumbing and it’s pretty darn funny. This sketch will make you never want to call a repairman into your home again.

6. Vital Information

Lori Beth Denberg had a super memorable sketch with “Vital Information”. Even though some of the jokes were hit or miss, it was overall a hilarious segment.

5. Cooking with Randy

With such a simple premise, we have to love the level of comedy Kennan Thompson brought to this sketch. His character Randy had his own cooking show where he can’t help but share his love of chocolate. And our favourite sketch of this series features legendary actor Chris Farley, who had his own food obsession.

4. The Loud Librarian

In our opinion this is some of Lori’s best work. The actress portrays Mrs. Hushbaum, a librarian who is constantly trying to keep her library quiet, while being obnoxiously loud herself.

3. The Inconvenience Store

Featuring reoccurring characters Latanya and Laneesha, this hilarious sketch is one of our favourites and always makes us LOL. These two ladies have no idea how to run a convenience store, and do literally everything they can to aggravate their customers.

2. Good Burger

This epic sketch featured a fast food worker named Ed who embarrasses himself while messing up orders all the time. The sketch was so popular it even got its own spinoff movie, which was a disaster. But no matter, we still love it.

1. Ask Ashley

And our top sketch has to be Ask Ashley, starring the one and only Amanda Bynes. Her rage is hysterical on the show as she reads her character’s “fan mail” out loud and literally screams at the “idiots” that wrote them. Her sketch was definitely the peak of All That and showcased Amanda in her prime.