The Chainsmokers Dream Of Warmer Weather In ‘Paris’ Lyric Video

The Chainsmokers Paris

It looks like The Chainsmokers have another pop hit on their hands. The Grammy nominated DJ duo, made up of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, dominated most of 2016 after teaming up with Halsey for their laid-back earworm “Closer,” which held strong at number one on the Billboard chart for an impressive 12 weeks.

Now the duo are back with their first single of 2017 and have, again, made complicated romantic relationships the focus of their lyrics.

“Paris” features The Chainsmoker’s Taggart shouldering all vocals on his own—the first time the band has not joined forces with a female vocalist since 2015. Their previous hits have been duets between Taggart and Phoebe Ryan, Daya, and of course, Halsey.

In addition to solo vocals by Taggart, the new song is also a departure from the duo’s more club-friendly hits, slowing things down and featuring more piano and guitar-driven sound.

Though the song is called “Paris,” the band dropped a lyric video today that shows model Alexis Ren enjoying the beautiful landscape of Tulum, Mexico. It seems like an odd choice for a song about one of the most famous cities in the world, but we guess that shooting in Paris in the winter isn’t as exciting as hitting the beach in Mexico.

Ren is solo throughout the video, running on the beach, swimming in a pool, hanging in a hotel room, and playfully interacting with the camera to give the viewer the main POV.

The Chainsmokers dropped a five-song EP Collage in November 2016, which featured their top singles. With the release of “Paris,” it looks like the chart toppers are gearing up already for a new EP, or possibly a full length studio album—meaning 2017 will likely look a whole lot like 2016 for The Chainsmokers.