The Chainsmokers Crashed A Prom This Weekend And Aren’t Done Yet

If you’re thinking of skipping your upcoming prom because nothing cool happens at a high school dance, we suggest buying a ticket and going anyways. Mostly because it’s a great way to save yourself the FOMO of an iconic coming-of-age pastime. But, there’s also a chance that one of the biggest groups in the world could show up and perform.

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend at an Illinois high school prom. EDM duo The Chainsmokers were scheduled to play a show at the Allstate Arena on Saturday night, which is located across the street from the Rosemont Hyatt Regency. The hotel was hosting a prom on Saturday night for Huntley High School and thanks to one of its students, prom attendees got front row seats to a surprise set by The Chainsmokers.

According to principal Scott Rowe, a student from Huntley High School managed to get in contact with The Chainsmokers’ manager to request that the famous musical duo make an appearance at the senior prom. Rowe told The Daily Herald that he was contacted by the group’s manager and had to keep the upcoming performance a surprise. “About two weeks ago I got this random phone call that I happened to answer, and on the other end this person said ‘This is going to be the strangest call you’ve ever received, but one of your students actually sent an email to the manager of the band,’” said Rowe.

While asking celebrities to prom with elaborate promposal videos has been the trend for the past few years, actually securing a celebrity or musician to show up at your school’s biggest event of the year is a rarity. But for the student who made this happen, we definitely think they should be getting a crown at the end of the night.

For those who have yet to experience their prom this year, you may want to check The Chainsmokers tour dates, including Toronto on May 30 and Montreal on June 1. The band isn’t done with living out their teen years just yet.