Take A Trip Back In Time With Dan Rodo’s ‘Shot And Forgot’ Series

Much Creator’s Dan Rodo is out with a new YouTube series that you surely won’t forget.

The Danocracy’s “Shot and Forgot” series is basically a combination of two of your childhood favourite guessing games, Where’s Waldo and I Spy. The idea sparked up after a recent purchase of a high-end scanner that came equipped with a 35mm slide holder. So, naturally, Dan went online and bought over 500 completely random 35mm film slides that date anywhere from 1950 to 1980. Emphasis on completely random.

The main objective? To find out where the photo was taken, and to hopefully track down any of the people found in the pictures so they can get their precious family memories back. The craziest thing so far is the collection of photos that follow a little boy named Randy. Somehow, through the massive pile of randomized stills, Dan uncovers more and more flashbacks of Randy’s childhood life. It almost makes you feel like you’re growing up with him, as you find out where he lives, who his siblings are, and even what job his dad has.

There’s even the saga of the “Christmas Kid,” which, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

We caught up with Dan to talk about the series, the characters he’s uncovered, and even about his own childhood. Check out his answers below and don’t miss the finale of Shot & Forgot on Dan’s channel.

How does it feel going through all of these family photos?

Nostalgia can make you sad or happy. With some of these photos I feel sad since these were once great moments in time for people. I now have these precious moments but I don’t have all the information behind the people and places. There are some really beautiful photos from decades ago that have incredible charm. I love it and I hope one day to return these memories to their rightful owners.


Throughout Shot and Forgot, we’ve been following a boy named Randy’s then early childhood. Based on all of Randy’s photos we’ve seen so far, including the ones of his Pilot Dad’s adventures, what do you think Randy’s story is?

I recently got a big tip off from an anonymous person on Instagram that will be in the finale episode. We have been able to link Randy to three locations. San Francisco, Seattle, and Alaska. We only have his baby photos so it’s really hard to tell where life would have taken him. I also find a lot of charm in the thought that he could have become anything. I really hope we find him or a relative to learn more about this character so many people have grown interested in.


We’ve also been keeping up with ‘Christmas Kid’, who’s almost always photographed during that holiday. What do you think he got for his Christmases?

Great question! Christmas Kid is an interesting one because he is always getting gifts. It seems like he is a sports fan in the Michigan area. My guess is he got quite a bit of sporting equipment or clothing. That’s my guess!


If someone were to find your childhood family photos, what would they find?

They would find lots of bowl cuts and matching pajama sets. I grew up with three brothers and I couldn’t imagine seeing someone have our childhood memories, especially if they somehow were purchased at a Las Vegas auction house. Before digital photos were a thing, you had to really capture the moment with limited attempts. That’s what makes pre-2000s childhoods different.