The Darcys Remix Arkells (And You Can Too)

Earlier today, Canadian alt-rock duo The Darcys posted a cover of Arkells’ most recent single “My Heart’s Always Yours” to their SoundCloud—proving that great things happen when Canadian bands support each other.

The cover, which The Darcys described as a “silky ‘adult time’ mix” in a recent tweet, definitely sounds sultrier, groovier and a little bit darker than the Arkells’ original. The Darcys’ version also infuses more electronic sounds with some noticeable drum machine loops added to the mix.

Fortunately, Arkells have already given The Darcys their blessing, telling Exclaim! that The Darcys’ latest album Centerfold is their best yet and “showcases their pop sensibilities like never before.”

“It seems like the perfect time for them to remix our big ol ballad,” Arkells’ Max Kerman said, even going as far to say the cover version would fit right in on ‘90s Canadian dance music program Electric Circus—the ultimate compliment, if you ask us.

Clearly Arkells have been inspired by The Darcys cover, since they’re now inviting fans to create their own remixed versions of “My Heart’s Always Yours.” Isolated tracks for each instrument featured in the song can be found here.

It makes sense that the fivesome would respond to The Darcys cover so positively, as the two groups have toured together multiple times since 2012. Maybe they’ll return the love and cover a song by The Darcys soon?

You can watch the Arkells’ video for “My Heart’s Always Yours” down below.