What Would ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Be Like If It Premiered In 2016?

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the movie that made us all afraid to work in the fashion industry. To celebrate the reign of Miranda Priestly and her ruby red stilettos, we’ve decided to create an alternate universe to TDWP. Ever thought about how different the movie would be if it had been released in 2016 instead of 2006? Well, we have and it’s filled with Yeezy Boosts and a Beyonce-filled soundtrack. Check out our list of 10 things that would be different about the 2016 version the movie below.

1. Kanye West Would Play Miranda Priestly

Except his character’s name would also be named Kanye West, and instead of having lines like, “Do you know who I am?” he would give long-winded lectures about changing the world with shoelaces and then finish off with the phrase, “SORRY FOR THE REALNESS.”


2. The Office Would Have Bean Chairs Without Desks

Who needs a table when you’ve got a bag of beans you can sleep on and a MacBook Air?

beanbag office

3. Stilettos Would be Replaced with Yeezy Boosts and Air Max ’90s

Everyone knows an outfit isn’t complete without a pair of all-white sneakers.


4. Instead of Runway, Every Fashionista Would Want to Work for the Movie Equivalent of Nylon

When Andy (Anne Hathaway) receives the job as Miranda’s personal assistant, she quickly learns that Runway is the fashion organization that every fashion lover wants to work for. Runway is the movie’s equivalent to Vogue, and though Vogue is prevalent in 2016, Millennials would much rather work for a company like Nylon.


5. The Movie Would Open with a Beyonce Song

Forget about Natasha Bedingfield’s “Suddenly I See.” If TDWP premiered today, we all know we would be bobbing our head to “Grown Women” by Beyonce.

6. “The Book” would be “The Tablet”

Who even prints things anymore?


7. Miranda’s Children Would Demand for the Latest Version of Kylie’s Lip Kit

Instead of giving Andy the impossible task of getting the latest manuscript version of Harry Potter, Miranda’s test for Andy would be to get the unreleased version of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit.

8. Your Boss Would Send You Emojis When They’re Mad

Sending emojis is the best way to convey how you feel. It’s an unproven proven fact.

9. Andy and Miranda Would Uber Everywhere

Andy could just use UberEats to get Miranda her lunch, too.

10. She’d Find a New Bae on Tinder

Instead of meeting Christian Collinsworth at a social gathering, all Andy would have to do is load up Tinder and wait for her superlike to superlike her back.


BONUS: Andy’s Entrance Style Would be Considered Hipster

Andy’s co-workers would think that all of her clothes were thrifted and that her not knowing who Dolce Gabbana is meant that she was underground and artsy af. NEW TITLE: The Devil Wears Thrifted.