‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ Will Make You Thank Your Lucky Stars You Survived High School (Mostly) Unscathed

Fri, November, 18 by Corrina Allen


Feeling nostalgic for those carefree/job-free/credit card statement-free high school days? First-time director Kelly Fremon Craig’s new movie is the antidote. The Edge of Seventeen is an amazing reminder that your teenage years were less “pep rallies and house parties,” and more “zits the size of pocket change and getting grounded for an entire semester.” It’s also maybe the best high school comedy since Mean Girls—and, like Lindsay Lohan’s opus, it’ll make you grateful your teen years are behind you. Here’s why:


No more impulsive attempts to revamp your look. You know who you are by now (and it isn’t Pedro).


Smarter dietary choices. You no longer substitute Slurpees for entire meals. At least not more than once a week, anyway.


You live an apartment or house that provides you with the opportunities to makeout with people without your peers or parents as witnesses. That said, if having an audience is your thing, outdoor makeouts remain an option for you. Win/win.


You’ve developed a sixth sense for bad relationship choices. Which isn’t to say you don’t still make them, it’s just that now you’re aware you’re doing it.


You get to be friends with your siblings (since you don’t have to share a bathroom with them anymore).


There’s still a middle-aged person with the power to make or break you who is controlling your life, but at least they have to give you a paycheque every few weeks.


The Edge of Seventeen is in theatres on November 17. Check out the trailer below.