The Exciting History Of Celebrities And Waffles


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Today is Waffle Day… in Sweden. The North American Waffle Day is on August 24, the day the waffle iron was patented. But we consider ourselves a little international here at Much so we want to celebrate the European version of Waffle Day. The day is celebrated nine months before Christmas on Our Lady’s Day, so consider this an early holiday shopping reminder.

Sure, we all love waffles, but did you know that the celebrity world is also full of waffle lovers? More than you would even imagine. So, we gathered a famous waffle fan club for a timeline of waffles throughout celebrity history.

Pour some syrup on ’em and check it out!

Kid Rock, October 2007


We start this tour of waffles through history on a bit of a down note. In 2007, Kid Rock was arrested for sparking a brawl at a waffle house. The fight apparently broke out after a patron of the restaurant, Harlen Akins, exchanged words with a woman accompanying Rock’s entourage. We just like to imagine that Kid just loves waffles sooooo much, he had to fight his way to get them. Kid Rock and his entourage were ordered to pay $40,000 total to Akins. Plus, Rock was sentenced to a year of probation and charged a $1000 fine.

But, in 2008 Kid Rock went on a apology tour to a Waffle House in Georgia where he signed autographs and slung hash browns to raise money for charity. Oh, how sweet.

Justin Bieber, September 2011


Bieber snapped this picture of himself with his little sis hitting up a Waffle House for eats back in his baby-face days. Isn’t Jazzy Bieber so cute? Come on. That is a good brother.

That wasn’t the last time Bieber would hit up a Waffle House. Check out this amazing video put together by the Salisbury Post reporting on Bieber’s visit to the Waffle House in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Barack Obama, April 2008


President Obama is not unfamiliar with the idea of stopping by a folksy local restaurant to get closer to his people. In 2008, while campaigning to be president, he visited a breakfast place in Pennsylvania to eat a meal including a plate of waffles. But leave it to them nosy reporters to interrupt a man just trying to socialize and have a delicious breakfast. When a reporter asked the then-senator of Illinois about former President Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas, Barack asked, “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” We feel ya, Barack.

Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation, forever and ever


Any fan of Parks & Recreation knows that the food of choice among the citizens of Pawnee is waffles. Specifically waffles from JJ’s Diner. We can’t be the only people who get a craving for a big stack of fluffy Belgian waffles loaded with toppings when we watch the show. Although a love of waffles is characteristic of the fictional residents of Pawnee, we have to imagine that Amy Poehler herself is a big fan. How could she not be? When asked what her favourite kind of waffles are during a Reddit AMA she heroically answered, blueberry. Well played.

Big Boi, All of the time


Big Boi and Waffle House have a very happy relationship. The breakfast chain actually has a long legacy of being loved and referenced by rap stars (see: 2Chainz “Extremely Blessed”, J. Cole’s “Back to the Topic”, Future’s “Dirty Sprite”). The food is good and it is open late. A perfect combo. Big Boi has Tweeted at Waffle House in the past and has been photographed with fans there. But what makes him a big fan worthy of this list was this revealing fact from his recent Reddit AMA. How often does he frequent the Waffle House? “Maybe two times a week. I just had some this morning.” Bravo.

Chris Rock, December 2014


Chris Rock really hustled for his latest movie, Top Five. He did a ton of press appearances and interviews and showed up at a lot of the screenings. Chris stopped by Atlantic Station in Atlanta last December to introduce the film at a special screening but that wasn’t his only stop. He took his show on the road to a Waffle House, too. The comedian popped into the kitchen to meet the staff and test out their waffles. He also grabbed a seat at the bar to shoot the shit with some of the lucky people having a meal. According to sources he, “joked with everyone about what Atlanta is known for — thousands of Waffle House locations, strip clubs and how the Atlanta Falcons are in first place with a 5-8 record.” Okay, those waffles look amazing.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, February 2015


The coolest foursome to ever hit up a waffle diner has to be Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The photo they took of themselves at the Waffle House in Phoenix even looks like a fashion spread. The foursome hit up the restaurant for late-night eats while celebrating over Super Bowl weekend this year after Kanye made a surprise appearance with Rihanna at the DirectTV party. Chrissy said this about their visit to the Waffle House: “I had never been to a Waffle House. So it was time. And they were so great too. Everyone that worked there was so cool. They just kept trying to get the meal perfect, so it took a while. But it was worth it, for sure.” We could only dream that our waffle eating experience could ooze this much bad-assery.