The Five Types Of People You Will Find At Bestival


Sun, June, 14 by


Every festival has it’s own identity and attracts it’s own groups of people. You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see the same people at OVO and at TURF and at NXNE (okay sure, some people). Toronto’s latest music festival, the UK export Bestival brought out it’s own set of familiar and unique concert-goers this past Friday and Saturday.

Check out the five types of people you will find at Bestival, according to us.

*Disclaimer: Okay yes, the following photographed people may not be members of said group, only display the visual signifiers of the group.

The Enthusiastic Costumers:


One of the things that makes Bestival unique is that it is basically a giant dress-up party. Sure, you don’t have to go HAM on a dragon get-up or go full body paint. But, some people do. These people give the festival a distinct feeling and brightened up cloudy day one. They can often be spotted with props like a bubble gun, hula hoop or embellished umbrella. But the most important prop in their kit is swagger. Their main event is of course the costume parade, where we spotted such stars as sexy astronaut and Nux from Mad Max.

The VIP Wallflowers:


Day one started off slowly because of the weather. Until about mid-afternoon, it seemed like the population of the festival was all media members, bloggers or people with connections at Bestival. These people make-up a group we call the VIP Wallflowers, all adorned with multiple cameras, lenses, giant backpacks and the occasional clipboard. They head out into the crowd to gather what they need but head back to the VIP tent to shield themselves from the elements, rain or sun. They can also been seen waiting in line to get in the photo pit for Florence + The Machine or touching up their make-up in the heated luxury bathrooms.

The Cooler Than Cools:


These people have you wondering if they are a member of TOPS or in Jamie xx’s entourage. They are constantly being stopped for street style snaps. All of them seem to know each other somehow and can be heard saying, “We met when we were both working at Parts & Labour,” or “Micah and I met through our mutual friend Jazz Cartier.” The visual tip offs that you have spotted a Cooler Than Cool are hard to describe. Great hair, neutral colour clothing, a nice denim jacket or expensive looking raincoat, tasteful tattoos. But, to paraphrase the United States Supreme Court in a ruling about pornography, I can’t define it but I know it what I see it.

The EDM Bros:


By early evening on day one, the Big Top stage was very flooded. Concert-goers were not just trudging through mud, they were dancing in ankle high puddles. But this didn’t stop the EDM Bros. They can easily be identified by enthusiastic cheers-ing, high fives and occasionally a good bro hug after a particularly EPIC beat drop. They are most often decked out in board style shorts, man tanks, boat shoes and brightly coloured plastic Ray Ban-esque sunglasses. They also can be seen half enthusiastically dancing with girls, often members of the next group of Bestival goers.

The Midriff Club


These primped and pretty partiers make up a good part of the Bestival population. Some tell tale signs of a member of this club are temporary metallic tattoos, patterned short shorts and the last signs of the floral crown trend. Oh and of course between one and five inches of midriff. They are also often obvious supporters of the “Free The Nipple” campaign. They can be spotted in groups of three or more dancing dreamily at the Bollywood Stage or socializing at the back of the field.