The Game Of Thrones Cast Reveal The Best Jon Snow Theories


Season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally coming and that means we’re only a few days away from the April 24 premiere of HBO’s hit series and finding out whether or not Jon Snow is dead staying dead.

The cast has been busy promoting the upcoming premiere (as if we forgot the date) and that includes actor John Bradley, who plays Sam, stopping by Conan this week to talk about Season 5.

The actor has heard just about every Jon Snow theory there is from the show’s wide and loyal fan base, but the one that’s come up the most includes Snow coming back to the show as a Dyer Wolf. Bradley points out that while the idea could fit into the Game of Thrones world, it doesn’t carry the same sex appeal as the real Kit Harington.

Aside from finding out whether or not Jon Snow is really gone for good from the Seven Kingdoms, fans of the show, and that includes the actors friends and family, are constantly asking for any and every spoiler. As Bradley points out, viewers really don’t want to know the conclusion from a simple spoiler reveal when they can wait and see the beautiful sets, the incredible actors, and the intricate unfolding of the storylines. But maybe one spoiler wouldn’t kill us.

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