The Greatest (and Weirdest) Moments In Celeb Meet & Greet History


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Nicki Party

Oh Matt. Long may your bar mitzvah stand as the ultimate bringer of joy to 13-year-old boys. In the great oral tradition of young men, may this story be passed to your children, your children’s children and Nicki Minaj’s children’s children.

Nicki Minaj was the special guest at New York youngster Matt’s bar mitzvah this weekend and the photos have swept the web. She posted the photo above on Instagram with the caption, “Get a load of these little hunks I met last night @ the Bar Mitzvah they were very ummm turnT”.

There really is just so much to unpack here. As Gawker put it, “This Is The Horniest Photo of All Time.”

And that really weird hand holding? It is a beautiful thing. Not to mention the idea that it cost at least $250,000 for her to perform at the event.

This got us thinking about all of the times things got a bit weird when fans met their favourite artists when forced to pose in front of a vinyl screen. This is the odd other world of the celeb/fan meet and greet.

Avril Lavigne


Poor Avril got a lot of flack when a bunch of photos came out of her standing feet apart from her fans at a meet and greet in Brazil. According to reports, the fans paid $400 to stand near the singer but not get too close. She later told a radio station that she does touch her fans but has to be careful because of security breaches in the past. “If there’s been a certain circumstance prior to a meet and greet, someone sneaking into a hotel or doing some shady stuff, they have to take extra precautions when people sneak backstage and stuff. I love my fans,” she said.

Justin Bieber


In January 2013, at the very start of the Bieber antics marathon, a photo was posted on his official fan page of what seems like the Biebs groping the breast of a fan at a meet and greet. It does really look like it. Not long after, both a representative from the Bieber team and the woman in the picture said that it was an accident and Bieber was just pulling away. There were rumours that the fan asked Bieber to grab her boob but she denied that too.

Britney Spears


Britney and this particular fan had matching awkward body language backstage at her Femme Fatale show. But we feel for her! We would be that uncomfortable too if we were forced to stand there in that outfit taking pictures. Throw a wrap dress on that woman!

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony

These girls make the fan meet and greet fun. We clicked through dozens of outrageous Fifth Harmony photos before we decided that this was the best one. We saw the girls throwing bills in the air, placing a crown on a young man’s head and pretending to be asleep. These ladies are wacky. So if anyone has a lead on how we can get a spot at their next Toronto meet and greet, LET US KNOW!

Miley Cyrus


And while we are shamelessly asking for inside hook-ups, we want in on this Miley Cyrus meet and greet business. Now this is an intentional grope. No one can pretend that this one was accidental. There is something about this photo that is almost yawn-worthy because we wouldn’t expect anything else from Bangerz era Miley. But, we truly love her just the way she is.

Aaaaand… Miley Cyrus


No words.



We couldn’t compile this list without including the queen of the fan meet and greet, Rihanna. Or as we like to call her after revisiting her fan pictures, Ri-aunchy. Her meet and greet pictures really became popular around the time of Avril’s photo controversy, becoming an example of the exact opposite of her awkward body language. We also love this picture of RiRi getting her breasts groped. Hmm… we are starting to see a theme.