The Greatest “Must Be Seen To Be Believed” Ciara Dance Moves


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"VH1 Divas" 2012 - Show

Ciara’s latest album Jackie has just been released. This is her first album after her big break-up with Future and we can’t wait to cue that ish up. We were definitely feeling “I Bet” since the first time we heard it.

Besides being a pop icon and a style goddess, nothing can quite top her dancing. So to celebrate her new album, we thought we’d brush up on our moves.

Prepare for a trip down memory lane as we go through some of the most iconic dance moments in Ciara history.

The Floor Hump – “Ride” ft. Ludacris


Okay Ciara we get it you’re way more flexible than all of us combined.

The Choo Choo Body Roll – “Oh”

Choo Choo

You’re lying if you say you haven’t tried to choreograph all your friends to this at least once.

The Legendary 1, 2 step – “1, 2 Step” ft. Missy Elliott

12 Step

Basically the dance move that took over our lives for the entirety of 2004. And yes, we do still remember Missy Elliot’s rap off by heart.

The Matrix – “Goodies” (9)

Maybe we’re just old but if we tried that, pretty sure we’d throw out our backs… twice.

Ciara + Nicki Butt Bounce – “I’m Out” ft Nicki Minaj

Nicki Booty

The only thing better than Ciara’s booty is adding Nicki Minaj’s booty to the mix.

The Floor Roll – “Love Sex and Magic” ft Justin Timberlake (8)

It might be a little provocative but hey, when you’re singing a song with Justin Timberlake called “Love Sex and Magic”, what do you really expect?

The Michael Jackson Moment Hat Transfer- “Like A Boy”

Like A Boy
In case you’re wondering, the effect is not the same when you’re trying it solo. Believe us we’ve tried.

Fancy Footwork – “Get Up” ft. Chamillionaire


Probably the perfect example of why we worship this woman. How does someone even move that fast?!

– Nadia Dar