Lauren Conrad Plans To Spill All The Secrets In New ‘The Hills’ Reunion Trailer


In a new teaser for the upcoming The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special airing on MTV August 2 at 10E/7P, Lauren Conrad gives us hints on all the secrets she’s planning to spill.

“So often we would say ‘if you knew the real story, you’d understand’,” she says in the trailer. “What I’d like to do is tell that story.” Conrad plans to take a look at all the things her former cast mates are up to, reveal the show’s best-kept secrets and dish on all the things they’ve never talked about before.

There’s some questions we hope to get answers to: Does Spencer still rub crystals on his head when he’s stressed? Is Justin Bobby still called Justin Bobby when Conrad and her friends talk about him? Do they even talk about him? Is Conrad still known as “the girl who didn’t go to Paris” to Lisa Love? Is there actually a reboot movie in the works?

There’s so many questions and too many days until they’re answered. We really need a Spencer remedy for this dilemma.


As you rewatch The Hills in preparation, peep the MTV Australia teaser for your daily dose of 2000s nostalgia.