What We *Really* Learned From ‘The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now’

This Hills Recap

It’s true, the highly anticipated anniversary special for The Hills finally aired on MTV last night. While we did get some pretty juicy reveals, the one-hour event was best described by cast member Heidi Montag in her liveblog: “Overall, this special is a great Kohl’s commercial. I want to go to Kohl’s right now. I’ll buy some of Lauren’s clothes. They’re cute!”

Yup, Lauren Conrad’s clothes are cute and were heavily featured throughout the special, which included Conrad as the only cast member. Montag, who suddenly became the voice of reason during the special, also noted that “Lauren is narrating all our lives again. Surprise! It’s all about Lauren. Blogs have advertised the show as a “reunion,” but it’s really an LC special.”

She was kinda right.

While the special did touch on most cast members, Conrad was the only personality present, with cameras interviewing the fashion designer in her home, her parents Laguna Beach house, on a photo shoot for her new line of contemporary wear, and in a business meeting for her line with Kohls. So, good job Heidi?

The special did feature a number of insights and reveals for fans of the reality series. So let’s recap what we learned and what wasn’t really that ‘unwritten.’

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Kim Kardashian Was On The Hills

Whichever editor decided to not use the 2007 footage of Kim Kardashian hanging out at Heidi and Spencer’s housewarming party with her step-brother Brody Jenner should probably be fired.

There Was No Brody/Lauren Chemistry

While this always seemed obvious to viewers, Conrad finally confirmed that although she had a crush on Jenner, there was no chemistry between the two. Staying mostly in the friend zone, their romantic relationship was fabricated by producers, with last night’s special showing a clip of the two trying to make it through a kiss. It looked as awkward as we’re sure it felt.

brody kiss

The Jason Breakup

Someone Conrad did have chemistry with was ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler. When the two broke up, Conrad was left in tears. Last night’s special touched on the breakup, with Conrad explaining that she felt responsible for taking care of Wahler, who dealt with substance abuse. She also felt that he was intoxicated during their breakup and worried that her former role as the person to pick him up from clubs after he passed out was not being filled.


Lauren Felt She Had To Be Truthful

Although Conrad admitted many of the situations and relationships were embellished or fabricated, she still felt the need to be honest on camera and show all aspects of her life. This included calling the MTV producers during hiatus so they could film her breakup with Wahler, which sounds more hurtful than truthful.


Lauren Didn’t Understand The ‘MTV Perk’

Part of The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now included an interview with Conrad’s parents, who confirmed that their daughter really didn’t understand that being on a MTV series would guarantee you an internship at Teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue

Lauren’s Husband Won’t Watch The Hills

Mostly for scenes like this.


The Audrina Fight Was Over A Lock

The epic Audrina vs Lauren and Lo showdown wasn’t about Audrina and Lo not getting along, as it had been portrayed on MTV. Conrad revealed that the fight started when Audrina put a lock on her door after moving in with the other two girls. That actually sounds like a juicier storyline. What was in her bedroom?!


They’re On A Boat

To score a showdown between Lauren and Heidi, MTV producers invited Montag and her then-boyfriend Spencer Pratt to Lauren’s birthday party on a boat and made sure they had left the dock before the two women came face to face. Well played.

spencer and heidi

There Were Set Ups

If you’ve been watching this season of UnReal, then you likely know in the world of reality TV, there are some set ups. During the special, Conrad told MTV producer Sophia Rossi that she felt set up at times, especially with the infamous confrontation at club Les Deux where Conrad accused her ex-friend Heidi of spreading sex tape rumours. Footage shows Conrad saying into her mic “MTV should care what Spencer did to me. It’s not okay that they let him up here.” Rossi also showed Conrad a script for that night’s events, explaining that producers often had to guess how the episode’s interactions would play out ahead of time.


The Crew Got Upset When The Girls Fought

It made picking sides and deciding who to shoot very uncomfortable.


Lauren Would Shoot The Hills Again

Her friendship fights and failed relationships were displayed to millions, with Conrad leaving the series two seasons before it ended. Still, Conrad says she would do The Hills again, although she pointed out that being on a reality show in the age of Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat would understandably be brutal for those receiving the criticism of millions.

eye roll

Can We Have A Kristen Special?