The Lonely Island Movie Now Has A Name AND A Poster


Tue, March, 1 by


Before the Internet, the only place for entertainers to announce anything was either from the roof of their family’s barn, or on a late night talk show. Always ones to respect the traditions of old Hollywood, the Lonely Island decided to reveal the title and poster of its previously top-secret movie on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, appointing main member and movie star Andy Samberg to do the deed.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping will star Andy as fictional popstar “Connor4Real” amid a cast of Hollywood greats including Sarah Silverman, Tim Meadows and Mike Birbiglia. Watch the big announcement below or skip it and stare at the poster instead. You’ll be missing out on some light joking and banter but it’ll save you the time and data associated with streaming top quality HD video.

According to the new poster, the movie will be delivered to movie palaces in time for June 3rd release. Catch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Much weedays at 3E / 12P!