The Lumineers Release Emotionally Raw Video For ‘Cleopatra’

Cleopatra Music Video

The Lumineers have already enjoyed a huge 2016 thanks to their sophomore album Cleopatra going no. 1 in the U.K. and U.S. and selling out their worldwide tour. Now the band has dropped an emotional video for their title track and it’s hitting us right in the feels.

Directed by Isaac Ravishankara, who was also behind the band’s video for Cleopatra’s lead single, “Ophelia,” the new video follows a taxi driver as she picks up strangers going through life-changing events. The driver eventually makes her way to the airport, where she sees band members Neyla Pekarek, Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, before picking up her adult son. The duo spend time together eating burgers and fries before she drops her son off at his father’s house, likely also her ex-husband judging by the lyric, “And the only gifts from my Lord were a birth and a divorce.”

The video is a literal visual interpretation of the song, with the lyrics “So I drive a taxi, and the traffic distracts me / From the strangers in my backseat, they remind me of you.”

The new song is based on an actual woman, as described by lead singer Wesley Schultz on the band’s website. “Cleopatra made me cry in the studio and I had to stop the take,” says Schultz. He shared the full story as well:

“It’s inspired by a true story about a female taxi driver who, when she was younger, was proposed to. But her father had just passed away, so she didn’t give her boyfriend an answer. So he left the village broken-hearted and rejected and never returned again. He was her great love and she wouldn’t wash the footprints off the floor after he had left. I knew immediately that I wanted to write a song about the story because it was so haunting and poetic. And I got to meet the lady herself eventually and she was very honest and humble. She really affected me because of the sadness in her story. In today’s world, we are just inundated with images of grandness and how great everyone’s life is. And it’s not true. In fact, it’s depressing. This was a real and honest story.”

Check out The Lumineers in “Cleopatra” below.