The Many Career Choices Daniel Radcliffe Can Make Next

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We don’t know what’s in the water at Daniel Radcliffe’s house but whatever it is, we want some. Ever since he’s blossomed into full grown adulthood he’s been blowing our minds with his many talents. Athleticism, singing, even hair dressing — this guy has got a resume of the Gods and he deserves it. Don’t get us wrong, though, acting is where he belongs and if he ever left the big screen for good our hearts would essentially shatter. We’re just saying, if he was ever thinking about a little side business, he has a LOT of options to choose from.

Don’t believe us? Well check out his many, many career choices below!

The most recent, of course, is when he took on the role of Nylon Magazine’s receptionist. We have to say, at first things didn’t seem to be going that poorly, but when the shock of his stardom wore off, things started to get a bit bumpy. Apparently, incredible amounts of charm DOESN’T work on UPS delivery guys. Huh, who knew..

Nothing proves your love for sports like the ability to dodge small balls on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Okay, so it’s not technically a sport but hey, Daniel still won so that says something.. Right?

Hair dresser
This attempt was pretty rocky from start to finish, but then again if Daniel Radcliffe offers to cut your hair how do you NOT accept?! We only pray that man hit up a barber shop immediately after.. No offence, Daniel.

Singer AND dancer
Alright, we admit that up until now, all these career choices have been a bit unconventional for Daniel, but when it comes to entertainment, this guys slays. In fact, he’s actually an incredible Broadway performer and has won multiple awards for his role in Equus. Safe to say, this man’s putting the RAD in Radcliffe, one epic performance at a time.

Out of all the options to consider this one is probably the most requested of him. He’s admitted on talk shows before that he’s a huge Slim Shady fan but, damn, to see it in action seriously blew our minds. So at this point there’s only one thing left to say and that’s: DANIEL, PLEASE RELEASE A RAP ALBUM.