The Most Canadian Things To Happen At The 2015 Juno Awards

1. Canadians aren’t that polite

Former Junos hosts Michael Buble Skyped in from Dubai to wish host Jacob Hoggard good luck and to yell at someone serving him a drink. Pfffft. While the whole world thinks we’re polite, we know the truth. If you screw up our double double, things are going to get ugly.

2. Shawn Mendes Is The Cutest

Shawn Mendes can thank Vine and tons of followers for his newfound stardom (in addition to A LOT of talent) and tonight he paid homage to his fans. Mendes’ performance of Life Of The Party was backed by screens showing his fans singing in the audience in front of him, with Mendes sharing his big moment with the people who helped get him there.

3. The Prime Minister Is On The Phone

From Stephen Harper, to Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, to a joke about 16 year-old Shawn Mendes voting, to Ben Mulroney being called a ‘daddy’s boy’, the politics at the Junos were more Canadian Bacon than House of Cards.

4. Alanis’ Moment

Glenn Ballard’s speech on Jagged Little Pill should be studied in music and history classes across the world. Heritage Moments – we have an idea for your next feature.

5. Trailer Park Poster Boys

The Trailer Park Boys made an appearance to question why Hoggard was hosting the awards and not Julian, who is obviously hotter. In some Provinces this may be true.

6. Sunny skies ahead

After winning Rock Album of the Year, the Arkells were congratulated by Lights, Sam Roberts and Shawn Mendes. The Junos are a shade-free zone.

7. Lovin’ the Hammer

Speaking of the Arkells, the Hamilton rockers gave their home town multiple shout outs, showing some love to McMaster University and The Casbah club.

8. High Times In Hamilton

We may not have fully legalized weed use in Canada, but we sure are okay with talking about it. Host Jacob Hoggard made numerous references to the green stuff during tonight’s awards show, with a live shot of Sam Roberts enjoying some Doritos. It was 4:20 in the Hammer all night.