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The Most Cry-Worthy Lyrics From Adele’s ’25’


Adele’s third studio album 25 has finally dropped in full and we couldn’t be more excited! Don’t let our inability to stop crying fool you, this is the album we’ve been waiting YEARS to hear.

As with any Adele album, the British singer didn’t mince words, giving us a rollercoaster of emotional lyrics set to beautiful music and incredible vocals. With all the feels being delivered in Adele’s 25, we’ve put together a guide to help navigate the landmine of emotions.

Don’t miss Adele Live In London on Wednesday, November 25 at 8E/5P on CTV and CTV GO.

Song: Hello
Most Cry-worth Lyric: “They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing”
Caution When Listening If: You owe someone an apology BIG TIME.
Best Gif Reaction:

1. Hello

Song: Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “I’m giving you up / I’ve forgiven it all / You set me free”
Caution When Listening: After you’ve finally gotten over being broken up with.
Best Gif Reaction:

2. send my love

Song: I Miss You
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “Bring the floor up to my knees / Let me fall into your gravity / And kiss me back to life to see / Your body standing over me”
Caution When Listening: If you’ve just fallen in love…hard.
Best Gif Reaction:

3. I Miss You

Song: When We Were Young
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “Cause I’ve been by myself all night long /
Hoping you’re someone I used to know”
Caution When Listening: If you’re about to attend your high school reunion.
Best Gif Reaction:

4. When We Were Young

Song: Remedy
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “Your love, it is my truth / And I will always love you”
Caution When Listening: If you’re feeling protective over someone/somepet.
Best Gif Reaction:

5. Remedy

Song: Water Under The Bridge
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “If you’re gonna let me down, let me down gently”
Caution When Listening: If you haven’t DTR’d with your new significant other.
Best Gif Reaction:

6. Water Under The Bridge

Song: Love In The Dark
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “I’m trying to be brave / Stop asking me to stay”
Caution When Listening: If you’re currently falling out of love with someone you thought you would love forever
Best Gif Reaction:


Song: Million Years Ago
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “I feel like my life is flashing by / And all I can do is watch and cry”
Caution When Listening: If you’re having a quarter-life crisis,
Best Gif Reaction:


Song: All I Ask
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “It matters how this ends / Cause what if I never love again?”
Caution When Listening: If you love someone who stuck you in the friendzone
Best Gif Reaction:


Song: Sweetest Devotion
Most Cry-worthy Lyric: “You will only be eternally / The one that I belong to”
Caution When Listening: If you’re currently pregnant or a mother of an adorable baby
Best Gif Reaction:


By Allison and Celina