The New Radio: 6 Podcasts You Should Check Out Now


Over the past few years, podcasts have grown in popularity. Podcasts are great to listen to when you’re driving, jogging, on the public transit or even bored. There is literally a podcast for everything! You can find one that’s all about music, comedy, politics, tv/movies, and technology. We recently, began our very first podcast here on MUCH, Mike On Much, where host Mike Veerman interviews some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment world. (The show is also produced by Arkells singer Max Kerman and fellow Much Creator Shane Cunningham is a weekly contributor!)

We wanted to help out those who are thinking of creating a podcast or just looking for podcasts to listen to by coming up with office recommendations at the MUCH HQ. Check em out.

Call Your Girlfriend
It can be super tough to maintain a long distance relationship sometimes, whether it’s romantic or not. In the case of modern day feminist heroes Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, they’ve managed to keep in touch via a fierce and fun podcast called Call Your Girlfriend (named after the amazing Robyn song). In between catching up, the two besties also take time to discuss notable news headlines, all things feminism and they even have a reoccurring segment called “Period News”. This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a podcast and, in a strange way, I feel very invested in this friendship now. Make Ann and Aminatou your besties too by tuning in to Call Your Girlfriend! – Melody Lau, MUCH

The Brilliant Idiots
To be honest, I really like listening to The Brilliant Idiots which is hosted by Charlamagne Tha God (Radio Personality for The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM) and Andrew Schulz (TV Personality for MTV2’s Guy Code). Both of them are interesting to listen to when they’re giving their take on day-to-day situations and pop culture topics (Charlamagne was too funny talking about Kylie Jenner turning 18). Although I don’t agree with all of their opinions, they have a great sense of humour as well as amazing guests and topics. They drop weekly podcasts that run about an hour and a half to 45 mins (yeah its long but it’s oftentimes worth it). Thank me later. (Disclaimer: Listener Discretion Is Advised) – Myron Mayne, MUCH

Ca$hing In With TJ Miller
I’m a big fan of comedians with podcasts and one of my favourites is definitely Cashing In With TJ Miller. Comedians TJ Miller and Cash Levy have been doing their podcast since 2012 and I recommend starting from the beginning because there are call backs to past episodes sprinkled throughout the podcast.

They have set sections for each week’s show, but mostly it’s just two really funny guys talking about their lives. As Miller’s star has continued to rise over the past few years with his roles in How To Train Your Dragon and Silicon Valley, he gives an insider’s perspective into working in Hollywood.

The two also get really personal about their lives, to the point where you feel like they’ve forgotten the mic’s are on and are having an honest and relatable discussion about relationships. Plus, they’re hilarious. – Allison Bowsher, MUCH

99% Invisible
Host Roman Mars describes 99% Invisible as a “tiny radio show about design”. But that’s a spectacularly modest description of one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. If you’re newer to podcasts, 99% is a great place to start. The show tells beautiful narratives about the design that goes into the things that make our daily lives work. Not just architecture, but things like calendars, currency, even music–things we never stopped to question, and ultimately, things we never stopped to appreciate. – Celina Torrijos, MUCH

Mystery Show
As you can all tell from the mega success of Serial last year, people like a good mystery. But while fans wait for the next season of Serial to return, I’d like to suggest another podcast that requires some detective work. Starlee Kine’s Mystery Show strives to solve mysteries that can’t be solved using Google or the internet. Sure, it’s not the same conspiracy theory-driven madness as Sarah Koenig’s podcast, but Kine is here to help solve smaller, though no less interesting, mysteries such as how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is or how Britney Spears got a hold of a particular book. Plus, these episodes usually provide pretty satisfying endings unlike Serial where you are most likely still keeping an eye on your Adnan Syed Google alerts. (Seriously, though, WHAT’S GOING ON WITH ADNAN?) – Yoncé, MUCH

Mike On Much
HOSTED BY Mike Veerman, a seasoned writer, director, and producer, the Mike On Much weekly podcast features long-form interviews with compelling cultural figures from the world of music, comedy, acting, and writing. The series is co-produced by Max Kerman, lead singer of the four-time JUNO Award-winning rock band Arkells, and also features YouTuber and pop culture aficionado Shane Cunningham.

Tell us in the comments below or @Much, which podcasts you listen to!