How Would The O.C.’s Seth Cohen Be Different Today?

Seth Cohen 13 Years

The O.C. premiered 13 years ago today and since the first notes of Phantom Planet’s “California,” we’ve loved the highly functioning dysfunctional Cohen and Cooper families.

While all characters on The O.C. hold a special place in our hearts (maybe not Caleb Nichols), it was Adam Brody’s lovable and nerdy Seth Cohen who became a fan favourite.

What would Seth Cohen have been like in high school if The O.C. premiered today and not 13 years ago? Let’s take a look.

He would’ve updated his relationship status on Facebook with great frequency and emotion.

FB relationship status

He would’ve been at every Comic Con and possibly by starting the next Nerdist empire in his bedroom.


At this moment he’d be in line for Suicide Squad.

Comic books

While also checking his phone for the new Frank Ocean album to drop.


In the meantime, he’d be listening to Blood Orange’s “Freetown Sound.”


And, in secret, he’d love Taylor Swift.


He’d be at every OVO Fest and repping Drake.


He’d be a top Yelper, with his hilariously snarky reviews gaining him access to exclusive foodie events around the city that Ryan would hate going to.


He’d embrace the new brunch trend and have a standing reservation at an unknown spot off the beaten path.


He’d get the #Chrismukkah hashtag trending every December.


His YouTube channel would be all about what he’s listening to, reading, eating, binge-watching and how much he dislikes California.


He’d exclusively use the Nashville Instagram filter.


He’d be a total Brony.

captain oats

And we’d still heart him.