The One Thing You Never Noticed In Crazy, Stupid, Love

The 2011 film Crazy, Stupid, Love included so many of our favourite things in one movie. Steve Carrell? Check. Emma Stone? Check. Julianne Moore? Check. Ryan Gosling and his abs? Check and check.

In addition to telling three very different stories of falling in and out of love, the film also includes a pretty impressive shocker.


Are we all good? Great, moving on. If you’ve seen the film you know that the big reveal comes when Steve Carrell’s character Cal finds out that his wingman and playboy friend Jacob (Gosling) is dating his daughter Hannah (Stone).

The surprising connection creates a huge rift between Cal and his daughter and causes the end of his friendship with Jacob.

But here’s the thing. Hannah and Jacob first meet at a bar while Hannah is having drinks with her best friend Liz.

We know the two are best friends because they’re always together and Liz has no issue being ‘best friend’ honest with Hannah.

Jacob hits on Hannah and she turns him down because she’s dating a very nerdy and oblivious Josh Groban. Now this is where things get interesting. Liz goes to the bar another night and sees Jacob again, this time with Cal.

If Hanna and Liz are such close friends AND live in the same city as Hannah’s family, isn’t there a good chance Liz has met Cal? Or even seen a picture of him on Facebook or in Hannah’s apartment? Shouldn’t Liz have recognized Cal and informed Hannah that the hot guy from the bar is hanging out with her dad?

Either way, we’re just thankful we got this scene.