The Poor Person’s Guide To Oprah’s List Of Favourite Things


Thu, November, 6 by

Every year, Oprah comes out with the ultimate holiday bible: the Oprah’s Favourite Things list. The massive list of items is like a catalog of must-buys for the season and includes everything from dinnerware to electronics.

Here’s the problem, though: a lot of what’s on her list is extravagantly expensive. Like, totally over-the-top. Now we’re not doubting Oprah’s taste in gifts, oh no. We would never dare challenge Oprah. But, we’re just saying that we don’t necessarily have $700 for one gift let alone enough gifts for all of friends and family.

So we here at Much did a little calculating. Take a look below at what else you could buy for the equivalent of some of Oprah’s Favourite Things. Bless you, Oprah (but also, bless our wallets).

1 Golden Beats By Dr. Dre Set ($700) = 20 Sony MDR-NC7 Headphones ($35)

1 Kate Spade Ballpoint pen ($36) = 36 BIC pens (approx $1)

1 Happy Holiday loaf of bread ($150) = 75 loafs of Wonder Bread (approx $2)

1 Cushy Dog Bed ($445-710) = 29-47 Grreat Choice Paw Print Pet Beds ($15)

1 Lafco Holiday candle collection ($240 for 4) = Enough IKEA candles for it to be a serious fire hazard in any home