The Real Reason Kit Harington Still Has ‘Jon Snow’ Hair

Kit Hair-rington Main

If you woke up in a panic this morning thinking you missed last night’s Game of Thrones episode, fear not. The season five finale was a month ago and as far as we know, many fictional people are still dead. Also, we’re also still waking up on Monday mornings in a cold sweat, panicked that we missed an episode and will have it ruined immediately by some jerk on Facebook. You’re not alone.

NOTE! Stop reading this if you don’t want to know who some of those dead people are. Spoilers ahead!

With almost an entire year in-between seasons, last month’s finale means that the show’s stars can spend a few months looking however they want. Maisie Williams can sport her nose ring, Lena Headey can rock her tattoos, and of course, the stars that left us last season can go on any beauty bender they want. Stars like Kit Harington. (Pause for respect over the death of Jon Snow.)

Harington, aka Jon Snow, finished season five bleeding to death after being betrayed by his men. Or, as many are hoping, he was just taking a lil nap until Melisandre can bring him back to life next season.

Since George RR Martin is single-handily trying to wipe out an entire viewing population through death by suspense, not even the Game of Thrones book-readers know what happens to Snow. After Harington appeared at Wimbledon this weekend with his famous hair still intact, Game of Thrones fans are going nuts with speculation.


This may seem like an example of someone enjoying their luscious locks, but in the case of what we’re now calling Operation: Kit Hair-ington, the English actor has been vocal over his dislike of his long hair. Very vocal.

The most obvious answer is that Martin, along with Executive Producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, have taken pity on viewers and will not make us live in a world without Jon Snow.


Or the jokes on us, because when have these three men ever taken pity on viewers?


Maybe as much as Kit Harington has complained about his Commander of The Night’s Watch hairstyle, he does know something.


Maybe Harington figured out what we’ve all known since Season One; Jon Snow can get it.


While we’re praying to the seven kingdoms and the Lord of Light and our savior Tyrion Lannister to please keep Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones, we’re also hoping Harington has learned that he’s got great hair.

So Kit, or Jon, or whatever we should call you to ensure you won’t cut your mane, let us reiterate that #longhairdontcare is the way to go. The ladies love it. The men love it. The Wildlings love it. Don’t crap on genetics, Kit.