The Shins Post Cryptic ‘I Gleek On Your Grave’ Video Just In Time For Halloween


American folk-rockers The Shins aren’t the first band that comes to mind when we think of Halloween soundtracks, but that may soon change.

The band, whose last album Port of Morrow was released way back in 2012, are gearing up to release new music and apparently are using the upcoming spooky holiday as their inspiration.

In a new teaser video perfect for a late-night Halloween slumber party spent in front of the TV watching VHS horror movies, The Shins’ “I Gleek On Your Grave” is just as confusing as it is cryptic. Frontman James Mercer is a normal sized sleepy slacker in some scenes, while in others he’s a giant taking over the city with his tiny briefcase.

None of these images give us any indication as to what the song’s title is referencing. Because really, what’s gleeking? Is this the lost R.L. Stine novel about a high school Glee club that all die in tragic school bus accident on their way to an a capella competition? Is ‘gleek’ the gruesome version of on-fleek and the video is about a murderer who shaves off people’s eyebrows before killing them? Is it unintentional saliva lasers shooting from your mouth when you yawn, which essentially makes the title I Spit On Your Grave? Should we stop eating candy corn, the worst Halloween candy of all time, for breakfast?

We don’t know the answer to any of these theories (no, we don’t know that candy corn is a bad breakfast option), but we do know that The Shins have already started playing some of their new songs in concert.

The band’s fifth studio album, which was supposed to be released this year, has been pushed back to 2017. No word yet on whether that means ‘Halloween 2017’ or just sometime in 2017.