The Simpsons Viral Trend Has A Screengrab For Every Emotion


The Simpsons is currently in its 29th season and for good reason. The long-running animated series about a dysfunctional but loving family living in a dysfunctional but loving city of Springfield has a character, episode, and screengrab for anyone and everyone.

To prove this last point, Twitter user Carl Kinsella challenged his followers to describe their life with a screenshot from The Simpsons.

The results, not surprisingly, are equal parts hilarious and heartfelt. Also, so, so, so true.

Check out some of the best screen shots featuring famous moments from The Simpsons and don’t forget, you may see the future in these tweets. The show has become notorious for predicting the future. If only they could tell us when Donald Trump will be out of office.

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Some tweets have shown reflection.

Others have expressed joy over a good day.

While another user is having not the best day. Or are they Homer in this GIF?

One person is still excited about the latest Star Wars film.

Others are starting to feel the effects of 2018.

Blame 2018.

Same, sister.

There’s a reason The Simpsons have been on the air so long, and it’s because the show speaks the truth.

So true. #MillenialStruggle

Every damn day.

Actual image of our life.

When you’re trying to figure out a problem.

Like, how to stick to New Year’s resolutions for an entire month.

Hang in there-ish.

If all else fails, do what Marge would do.

Just have a back up.