The Strangest Celebrity Alien Encounters


It seems like every day is “National (Insert Random Item/Animal/Habit) Day.” Today is Alien Day, where we take 24 hours to appreciate the 1979 Ridley Scott film, Alien. We celebrate this on 4-26 because of LV-426, which is the moon where the xenomorphs are discovered in the film. Instead of celebrating the film, we decided to have some extraterrestrial fun by taking a look at some of the craziest, most unique, and downright wacky alien encounters that celebrities claim to have experienced.

Baron Davis Abducted While Driving

According to the story he told on THE CHAMPS podcast in 2013, former NBA player Baron Davis was abducted while driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Davis blinked and ended up in something that he explains as a “steel thing.” He claims to have seen these “crazy looking people, half-human, half-ugly looking motherf—ers,” who had tied his hands. After having his nose poked repeatedly by the beings, Davis suddenly woke up and was driving back to California.

Likelihood of this anecdote being real: Three alien nose pokes out of five

Russel Crowe Films ‘UFO’ While Watching Fuit Bats

While Russel Crowe and a friend were outside of his Australia home looking to get footage of fruit bats (what?), Crowe was able to capture time-lapse photos of what looks like two red streaks of light fly past his office. Camera trickery? Maybe. A sailboat on the marina? Maybe. No logical explanation would stop Crowe from posting the video to his Twitter, as well as YouTube, which kept conspiracy theorists busy for months.

Likelihood of this anecdote being real: Two lens flares out of five

Sammy Hagar & The First Instance Of Downloading

Back in 1967, Sammy Hagar may have experienced a real-life file transfer way before Limewire or the Internet even existed. He recounts dreaming (okay…) about two aliens who apparently had him plugged into some sort of machine, and they were feeding information into his head. He started waking up, to which the aliens responded by shouting a foreign numerical code, shutting off the machine, and Hagar soon woke up in his bed, with his room completely white. After a loud “pow,” the room turned white, and Hagar was left shaking. It couldn’t have been a dream, according to Hagar, because it changed his life, and he now finds himself “looking up in the sky, wondering about s–t.”

Likelihood of this anecdote being real: 16 illegal Game of Thrones torrent downloads out of like, a billion.

Tom DeLonge’s Night Near Area 51

While camping outside of Area 51, Tom DeLonge was running through a protocol which involved “projecting his thoughts.” DeLonge told his friends that if something were to happen, it would be at three in the morning. DeLonge happened to wake up at that time, couldn’t move his body, and heard what sounded like 20 people conversing outside of his tent. They spoke English, but no words could be made out. It may just sound like a dream, but one of his friends also claimed to have experienced the exact thing during that same night.

Likelihood of this anecdote being real: This happened. Why would Tom DeLonge lie?

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Robbie Williams & Multiple Encounters

After creating a song all about alien encounters titled “Arizona,” Williams claims that this song was almost some sort of calling, as he would see these large balls of light appear from his balcony only when the song was being played. “Arizona” stopped playing, and the balls disappeared. The song came back on, and the balls reappeared. Very strange. He also took a break from his career to attend a UFO convention in Nevada.

Likelihood of this anecdote being real: Five “Look out below” refrains out of 10

John Lennon, creatures, and a strange egg

Magician Uri Geller recounts the wild alien story John Lennon shared with him. Lennon was laying in bed, saw a bright light outside the door of his room, and was alarmed. Lennon got a closer look of these four people outside. He described them as “bug-like.” he tried to step closer, and he was “telepathically” pushed backwards. He didn’t recall what happened next, but then woke up on top of his bed covers with a strange, metal, egg-like object in his hands. Lennon gave the object to Geller to keep, as he was afraid of it: “If it’s a ticket to another planet, I don’t want to go there.” Imagine that.

Likelihood of this anecdote being real: Two Yoko Onos in sunglasses that make her look like an alien out of 10