The Summer Of Love As Told By Bestival Goers

Bestival Style_LucieMichel

Bestival landed in Woodbine Park this weekend for two days full of psychedelic performances and good ol’ festival fun.

Now in its second year, the U.K.-imported festival hosted multiple stages and over 30 acts. Headliners Tame Impala and The Cure stole the main stage while mostly DJs and EDM artists kept the party going with smaller sets across the park.

Following the theme of “The Summer of Love,” we headed out on the grounds in search of the best of Bestival style and chatted with festival patrons to find out how they plan to make Summer Sixteen their best yet.

Bestival Style_JulioKarolina2

“We’re best friends and we’re just here to relax. We’re celebrating eight years of friendship now. We met in grade six. We’re soulmates. There’s no better way to celebrate that than at Bestival.” -Julio and Karolina

Bestival Style_Kelly

“This is the Summer of Love and I just want to spend all my free time with my friends, the people I love, flowing in my hula hoop, enjoying this amazing music and beautiful weather and travelling.” -Kelly

Bestival Style_Alexandra

“How am I going to make this the Summer of Love? Oh God, I don’t know. If you have any advice, let me know. I have no idea.” -Alexandra 

Bestival Style_Cindy

“I’m recently single, so I’m hoping to maybe find a new love. But the Summer of Love also means spending time with my girlfriends and having a good time.” -Cindy

Bestival Style_KristinShanza

“We’ve both been super heartbroken recently. This summer, we’ve decided that we’ve mistaken heartbreak with disappointment. You think your heart is broken but you’re still able to love every single thing around you, like music and dancing. When someone disappoints you, it’s just sadness. You have to move on and you just have to keep seizing opportunities with other people, because if you block people away because you’re heartbroken you miss out on so many other chances.” -Kristin 

“The Summer of Love is about owning your beauty. Everyone here is so beautiful and is so ready to have fun and have a good time. If you’re confident in your skin and you have a smile on your face, there’s no one who can’t be attracted to you. If you have a positive energy, you radiate.” -Shanza

Bestival Style_MirandaRyan_acrobuddhas

“Every day is love. It doesn’t take a festival to bring out love. Love should be our main priority in life. We’ve been together for nine years, we’ve been performing for two years and we just bring our love into our performance. Love is guiding what we do. What we do is an embodiment of sheer, pure love.” Acro Buddhas Miranda and Ryan

Bestival Style_Keely

“The Summer of Love means that everyone’s going to be wearing a lot of ’70s clothes, but I wear those every day. I’m gonna put all the love I can out there and see what happens.” -Keely

Bestival Style_Rachel

“Basically, I’m going to get out to as many concerts and festivals as possible. Music brings everyone together. I feel like it creates such a beautiful moment. We all connect on a musical level. There’s just something magical about it for sure.” -Rachel

Bestival Style_LucieMichel

“The Summer of Love means being chill, appreciating the moment, loving everyone and being nice.” -Lucie, “This Summer of Love, I’m trying to dedicate every single second to love and to my boyfriend.” -Michel

Bestival Style_Norwin

“I’ve been trying to do things by myself. I’m here alone and I’m trying to more things alone, like travel. I’m trying to nurture self-love this summer. I’m trying to come here and overcome my anxiety and meet people.” -Norwin

Bestival Style_Valerie

“This summer, I’m going to be spreading a lot of love by going to a lot of different festivals. You’re sharing and experiencing the music with everyone and that’s definitely a loving experience.” -Valerie