The Surprise Guest On Kelly Clarkson’s New Song Will Make You Awwww….


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Kelly Clarkson is back with her new album Piece By Piece and a new single “Heartbeat Song”. The song is right in Kelly’s sweet spot, a power anthem that shows off her incredible voice. But this time the solo artist let someone else hop on a song, her little girl River. Not only was Kelly pregnant with River when she was singing and recording the album, they used her heartbeat in the song.

“We thought it would be cute to use her heartbeat. So all the promo that you see, all the heartbeat things are her heartbeats,” Kelly told Liz when she came through Much this month. “We had to slow it down because it was like from when she was in my stomach. If I would have put it out people would have thought that I was like a coke head or something and that it was my heartbeat.”

Lucky little girl. She gets her first appearance on a major song before she is even born.

Now that River has been born, Kelly loves to talk about her role as a proud mama. “She is so great. I feel like God blessed me because I had the worst pregnancy. So I feel like He blessed me with the best baby ever,” she gushed.



As for the song itself, the two faces of the track are what drew her in. “It’s like an anthem but it’s positive but it’s still tough. I love how strong the vocal was and kind of still in your face. It’s a sweet message with a tough sound,” she said.

Check out more from the interview below where she talks about the story behind the album Piece By Piece.

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