The Top 5 Characters In South Park’s Latest Episode, ‘Double Down’


Thu, November, 9 by

Can you believe we’ve got to a point where we can watch TV on a computer? If you’re a millennial you’re probably all like, “Uh yeah bude, I’ve been toasting screenies on the micro brain since I was a little nib.” To the rest of us who remember what it was like to answer a phone without knowing who was on the other end, this new reality is eerily convenient akin to an episode of one of our beloved 90s sitcoms where a nerd invents something that does something crazy. However you feel, this week’s hot new episode of South Park is live above these words and you don’t even need a cable package to watch it.

This week, a new chapter is written in the story of Cartman and Heidi’s relationship. Kyle can’t figure out why Heidi is still with a guy who is clearly a piece of shit and attempts to get to the bottom of it. In Washington, President Garrison pulls a Pantera and vulgarly displays his power, showing his inner circle that he’s the boss and no one’s going to stop him. The show’s famous subtext is all about Trump voters reflecting on their decision and the way the left is too eager to use “I told you so” only to have it backfire.

But you know what? We’ll leave the politics to our friends over at Vice News Tonight. Much is as “much” about fun as it is world politics so here’s a lighthearted list of our favourite characters from Double Down!

  1. Token

Fan favourite Token makes an appearance when Cartman shows up at his door after Heidi dumps him. We get to revisit his parent’s lavish estate AND watch him eat soup for the very first time!

  1. Mr. Garrison

Wow, I’m glad this guy isn’t actually the president. Garrison is as rude and crude as ever in this episode, using terrible words and doing terrible things. But don’t blame him—he warned the whole nation that he’d fuck everyone in the country to death.

  1. Kyle

What would a top 5 characters list be with Kyle Broflovski? He makes a big impact in this episode and even does what many of us have always wanted to do: punch Eric Cartman!

  1. Heidi

A relative newcomer to the South Park universe, Heidi has already cemented herself as a classic character by dating the seemingly un-datable Eric Cartman. Will their relationship continue? I know I’m excited to find out.

  1. Cartman

No surprise here. Love him or hate him, it’s South Park’s most marketable star taking the lead in another delightful misadventure. He’s evil and racist but boy does he bring the laughs week in, week out.

We’re pretty sure there’s another new episode of South Park next week. Find out for sure by watching Much Wednesday at 10e/7p.