The Underrated Musical Genius Of The Goofy Movie On It’s 20th Anniversary


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There are few things I am more impassioned about than the underrated-ness of The Goofy Movie. Today, making me feel super old, the movie turns 20 years old. It remains a Disney classic held closely by the people who really love it.

Hear me out. If this was a coming of age tale about the relationship between a father and son directed by David O. Russell, starring Robert Downey Jr. with some unknown as the son, this movie would win an Oscar. Real talk.

Although it took me about 5 minutes to run down the plot in a meeting today, let me try a bit harder to tighten it up. Goofy and his son Max go on a camping trip but Max wants to go to a big concert put on by Powerline (basically Michael Jackson). He had lied to his crush Roxanne to impress her by saying he was going to be on stage at the concert.

While manning the map on the road trip, Max sets them on a path to the concert in L.A. instead of continuing to Idaho. Goofy, heartbroken by the betrayal of his son, still decides to be the best dad ever and breaks out his incredible fishing manoeuvre at the concert, thereby inventing the greatest new dance move. There is also canned cheese.

But what was actually pretty stand-out in the movie was the music, most notably the songs by MJ stand-in, Powerline. My brother and two of our friends may or may not have done a dance routine to “I 2 I”. Check out the greatest musical moments from The Goofy Movie and consider yourself convinced.

“Stand Out” By Powerline

The song is one of two Powerline hits in the movie but in this scene it is actually performed by Max. During a school assembly Max swoops in to put on a highly produced lip synch performance for his crush Roxanne. He gets in trouble but starts along a path to her heart. Fun fact: Powerline’s songs are song by Tevin Campbell, a moderately famous R&B star with 5 Grammy nominations and a song, “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” that peaked at #6 on Billboard.

“I 2 I” By Powerline


“After Today”

This song is epic. High School Musical before High School Musical. It is a perfect snapshot of teenage life, love and longing. And I can’t be the only person who wishes that they had a giant musical number on the last day of school.

“Nobody Else But You”

This song really gets to me. I’m not a father or a son but this song really is the emotional peak of the movie. Goofy has confronted Max for sabotaging their vacation to go to Los Angeles after they have driven off of the road. But while floating down the river they sing their feelings, as you do in Disney movies. They reconcile just before they almost fall to their deaths over a waterfall. Pull out the tissues.

Bonus Pick: “Lester’s Possum Park”

This song has a special place in my heart as someone who has frequented a fair amount of amusement parks as a child, all of varying quality. Plus, that little girl is SO weird and/or adorable. Hmmm… I think I have a Halloween costume idea.