The Weeknd Casts Girlfriend Bella Hadid For Violent ‘In The Night’ Video

The Weeknd Bella Main

The Weeknd has never been an artist to shy away from violence in his music videos, which makes his latest release par for the course. In The Night shows The Weeknd as a patron of a strip club that forces women to dance for money or risk death. When the dancers rebel, a slaughtering of the club owners ensues, with The Weeknd caught in the cross hairs.

If one of the dancers in the video looks familiar it’s likely Bella Hadid, sister to Victoria Secret model Gigi and real life girlfriend of The Weeknd. Hadid takes the lead in the video, masterminding the attack and eventually escaping with The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye.

Directed by BRTHR, In The Night is a cross between 1980s kung fu and gangster movies. They dizzying camera angles can be overwhelming at times, giving the viewer the feeling of intoxication, the perfect effect for watching the seedy setting.

In The Night is the second big pop song released by the Toronto artist this year following the huge success of Can’t Feel My Face. Riding high off seven Grammy nominations on Monday for his album Beauty and the Madness, The Weeknd appears to be in no mood to slow down.

Check out Bella Hadid and The Weeknd in In The Night.

*Warning: This video contains content that some viewers made find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.