Watch The Weeknd Get A GRAMMY Do-Over With Lauryn Hill

The weeknd and lauryn hill

During last week’s Grammy Awards there seemed to be no shortage of duet and group numbers, but in fact there was one very high profile performance that did not happen.

During The Weeknd’s performance of In The Night, the Toronto singer was supposed to be joined on stage by the legendary Lauryn Hill. Unfortunately, Hill arrived late to the Grammys and was unable to perform. You know how award shows are. They never start on time. Oh, it’s that they *always* start on time.

Thanks to the magic of TV and the music muscle of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, The Weeknd got his chance to perform in front of an audience with Hill. Now we’re even more bummed this duet didn’t happen at the Grammys. It sounds soooooo good.

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