The Weeknd Releases Interactive Video For His Remix Of ‘The Hills’ With Eminem

The Hills Remix Main

If The Weeknd’s new interactive music video is an indication of what it’s like to spend the day as Toronto’s Abel Tesfaye, then we can assume it includes leaving a concert venue to be greeted by balls of fire shooting through the sky, women appearing in flames coming from a burning car, and an overall foggy feeling. Sounds badass for a night or two.

After releasing the Nicki Minaj remix of The Hills earlier this month and being joined by the rapper onstage during his performance on SNL, The Weeknd is now promoting the song’s second remix.

The latest version of The Hills features famed Detroit rapper Eminem, who like Minaj, offers a stark contrast in his speedy rapping style to The Weeknd’s notoriously sleepy delivery.

The Weeknd has just dropped a new video for the remix, though Eminem does not appear in the choose your own adventure view. Shot with GoPro’s, the heavily detailed video offers viewers an interactive experience, allowing them to use arrows in the upper left side corner to control their view. Much like scanning locations on MapQuest, viewers can explore the chaotic scene to fully experience all the explosions and damage.

The new video is an impressive take on the interactive experience and one that will definitely have us leaving through the front entrance for future concerts.