The Weeknd Returns With ‘Starboy’ Featuring Daft Punk


A lot has happened since The Weeknd dropped his worldwide hit “Can’t Feel My Face.” The underground Toronto artist went from Drake’s protégé to the biggest ‘get’ in the music industry seemingly overnight, sweeping award shows, hooking up with model Bella Hadid, working with Kanye West, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé, and becoming the third leg of the Canadian Billboard trifecta last year when he, along with Justin Bieber and Drake, dominated the top three spots.

Now The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, is back with a follow-up to his monster album Beauty Behind The Madness—losing a few inches of hair and gaining some new friends.

The cover art for “Starboy” dropped yesterday and showed Tesfaye sporting a shorter ‘do, a drastic change from his signature hairstyle. The OVO artist announced earlier this month that his new single, the first from his upcoming album, was made with French duo Daft Punk. Now The Weeknd has delivered “Starboy” and we can’t stop listening.

Thanks to the success of his Grammy winning Beauty Behind The Madness, Tesfaye is now able to enjoy the finer things in life, i.e. an income shift he sings about in his new song, with the lyrics, “By my ma a crib and a brand new wagon / Now she hit the grocery shop looking lavish.”

The Toronto native also coincidentally threw some good press Brad Pitt’s way, singing about taking a year off in between albums like Pitt’s Legends of the Fall role. No doubt the Bragenlina divorce will quickly become fodder for artists to name check in their songs, so for now, let’s enjoy the time when Pitt and Jolie are simply famous actors with movie roles to reference.

The addition of Daft Punk doesn’t diminish The Weeknd’s trademark melancholy styling, but instead ups the emotional factor with some well placed beats and breaks, as wells as the duo’s trademark “ha, ha, ha”. The song isn’t as radio friendly as “Can’t Feel My Face,” but really, what is? You can still expect to hear a lot of “Starboy” in the coming months thanks to its groove and smooth vocals.

The Weeknd’s new album, which has yet to be titled, will be drop November 25 and include 18 tracks, according to iTunes. The only track listed in addition to “Starboy” is a song called “False Alarm.”

You can stream the new track over on Spotify.