The Year In Bieber Troubles And Triumphs


If you find it hard to remember what Bieber did in 2014 we don’t blame you. We needed to look this up too. Everything in your head that you think Bieber did in the past 5 years, he actually probably did it just this year. He had mischief pencilled in for every day in his agenda. It turns out Bieber’s first arrest was THIS YEAR! Doesn’t it feel like so much longer ago? Bieber didn’t have much musical material this year but that doesn’t mean he didn’t provide us with some good, good gossip material.

Let us help remind you what this year was like for Bieber in 2014.



He had a really tough January. January 9 was the neighbourhood egging incident, causing thousands of dollars of damage. Bieber ended up pleading no contest to one misdemeanor count of vandalism and was ordered to pay $80,900, complete twelve weeks of anger management, five days of community service and serve two years probation.

But January 23 was the big one. Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida while supposedly drag racing and driving under the influence. You know, the drag racing incident where his dad was helping to keep watch. Yeah.

Later, in August, he pleaded guilty to resisting an officer without violence and driving without due care and attention. He was fined $500 (ha), ordered to attend 12 more hours of anger management and a program to learn about victims of drunk driving. He also made a $50,000 donation to a children’s charity.

But to his credit, in January, Bieber released a new song featuring the very cool Chance the Rapper. He also popped up at Chance The Rapper’s Coachella set in April. That has to earn him some cool cred.



This one was a doozy. While Bieber was on the way to the Super Bowl with his dad on a private jet, the pilots reportedly had to wear oxygen masks because of all of the marijuana smoke on the plane. He and his dad allegedly ignored the pilot’s request to stop smoking and his entourage were harassing the crew.

Also, February is the month when Bieber’s brand new, untrained puppy Karma bit Justin’s little brother. According to the dog’s trainer, Bieber’s dad Jeremy threw the dog out of the window and into a snow bank. After the incident, the Biebers dropped Karma off at the trainer’s and have not come back for him.



In March, the police in Florida released photos of Bieber’s numerous tattoos and security camera footage of Bieber giving a urine sample after his arrest. Eee yikes.

Also, the star on the top of the Justin Bieber trouble tree is the deposition video that also came out that month. “I don’t recall.”



In April, Bieber went to Japan. Lots of people love Bieber in Japan. But, while he was there he probably lost a bunch of South Korean and Chinese fans. He posted a photo online of him visiting Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine which to many people from China and South Korea is a shrine to Japanese militarism. He ended up deleting the picture and apologized saying that he was told that the shrine was only a place of prayer.



Bieber was investigated after the singer allegedly tried to take a phone from a girl he thought was taking pictures of him. Police were looking in to claims of attempted robbery but the charges weren’t filed.

The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney got into his second round of Bieber fan hate after he told Rolling Stone, “I mean, Justin Bieber is a fucking moron and that’s the gist of what I was saying. And then he goes and says I should be slapped? Honestly, I feel bad for him. Every single person who works with him should fucking be embarrassed that they don’t. . . No one is doing him any favours, you know?” He was responding to a past instance of Patrick and Bieber beef. Things with Justin’s fans, as you could guess, escalated.

That same month, fellow Canadian, Seth Rogen said in an interview, “‘He’s a bit of a motherfucker. Whatever. He’s young, the kid’s a dick,” regarding a meeting with Bieber backstage at a German talk show.



This one we surely have all heard about. These were the tasteless – no, racist – jokes heard around the world. Video came out in June of Bieber telling a joke with the N-word when he was fifteen-years-old. Not long after, another video came out of him singing that he wanted to be part of the KKK and changing the lyrics to his song “One Less Lonely Girl” with the N-Word. His mentor Usher came out and said he sat down with Bieber and schooled him on why he was being an idiot (in not so many words).


He was also back in the news in June when a man sued him after Bieber allegedly hit him with his Ferrari outside a nightclub in L.A. last year.

But hey, he was also named the 33rd Most Powerful Celebs by Forbes that month.


July was the month of the big Orlando Bloom altercation. Orlando Bloom apparently punched Justin after he made a rude comment about Orlando’s ex Miranda Kerr. Miranda has also been linked romatically to Justin and Selena Gomez, Justin’s ex, has been linked to Orlando Bloom. Messy.




Okay. Next. Bieber was charged and released in August after a collision in his home town of Stratford between a minivan and Bieber’s ATV. Bieber allegedly got in an altercation with two paparazzi. This was all during a visit home with sometimes GF, Selena Gomez.

He was also sued along with one of his bodyguards by a paparazzo who allegedly was assaulted on a beach in Hawaii last year.

But he did post a photo on Instagram that month of Kendall Jenner smooching his neck fuelling rumours of a Jenner/Bieber super couple.


We do also have to give The Biebs a big thumbs up for getting in contact with Nobel Peace Prize Winner and women’s rights advocate Malala Yousefzai and supporting her charity. That is the Bieber we like to see.



Bieber made an appearance at the fashion fundraiser and concert Fashion Rocks. He appeared in his underwear. He was booed. But, we have to say, he looks pretty good.

That same month, Justin busted an eardrum when jumping off a cliff, then later posted on Twitter that he may need to get surgery.

On the plus side, he was included on Billboard’s list of Top 21 Under 21.




In November, Justin and Cody Simpson released the first single, Home To Mama, from their upcoming collaborative album. It is pretty nice.

The Europeans are apparently still big fans even with little music from Bieber this year. He won Best Male at the MTV European Music Awards in November.

He also dyed his hair platinum blonde.

*** Notable addition: Bieber and Selena Gomez continued their on-again/off-again status in 2014. It was unclear what month this note should go under.