Then Vs. Now: Is Britney Spears Hotter Than Ever?


Britney Spears has made a number of comebacks throughout her impressive career as the reigning princess of pop, but with the release of her ninth studio album Glory this past August, Spears finally produced an album that was worthy of the hype.

Debuting at number three on the Billboard 200 Chart, Glory is packed full of pop jams that have made it 2016’s go-to album for throwing dance parties—solo or otherwise.

With her lead single “Make Me” and its accompanying music video, Spears proved that she’s ready to dominate the charts once more, with her Las Vegas show still earning rave reviews.

Now, Spears’ has dropped the video for her second official single “Slumber Party” with Tinashe and given us an idea of what a Britney Spears sleepover looks like. Hint: it’s pretty hot.

Today’s new video had us thinking a lot of things, like maybe we should get some nicer PJs. But the most dominant thought we had was, dayum, is Spears hotter than ever? Tough call, because Britney Spears has always been hot.

Now in her mid-30s with two kids, Spears is looking and sounding better than ever, appearing more confident on stage and the red carpet and finding her own groove in the chaotic music industry.

We’ve even got the receipts to prove it.

Here’s Brit still looking hot with a hat.


Here she is, rocking the red carpet in 2016, maybe better than ever.


Rocking awards in 2016, maybe now than ever.


Same pose, maybe even hotter.


Same pose, maybe even hotter part two.


Sam mic, even hotter.


Brit’s trademark red carpet pose has been perfected after all these years.


Brit does look more comfortable now than she ever has on stage.


Werk, Britney.