There’s Going To Be A 23 Jump Street And This Is How To Make It Watchable

Bringing in a reported $500 million with 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, it’s no surprise that Sony Pictures has signed stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill up for a third installment, of course titled 23 Jump Street.

The second film in the now trilogy series ended with Hill and Tatum sporting a variety of school uniforms during the closing credits in a self-aware and hilarious skit that had the filmmakers acknowledging that the sequel was essentially the exact same story as the original film. It appears that the joke is now a serious decision to release a third film, with 22 Jump Street writer Rodney Rotham reportedly writing the third film.

Let’s be clear about one thing – we know that 22 Jump Street followed the same storyline as 21 Jump Street and we really don’t care. It was fun and hilarious and we will see anything with Tatum and Workaholics star Jillian Bell. #WCW y’all.

If 23 Jump Street follows the same formula as the first two films, we’ll be a bit bummed by the lack of effort, but we also know it will still be a good night at the movies and we will gladly hand over our $11.

Still, it would be nice to see the third installment in the Jump Street franchise take a different route. Here are a few ways to make the upcoming 23 Jump Street more watchable.

1. Kill Off a Main Character

It’s unexpected, it pulls at heartstrings, and the audience won’t be expecting it. I think offing Tatum or Hill is likely out of the question, so our next thought it Ice Cube. Sorry Cube.

2. Go Back In Time

21 Jump Street gave us a look into how main characters Schmidt and Jenko became friends, starting as bully and bullied in high school and becoming allies in the police academy. These were some great scenes, and a spin on the third film could be setting half of the film in the years before the two became cops.

3. Fast Forward

On the flip side, fast forward the third film about ten years, with Jenko and Schmidt both married with kids. This would be an easy way to bring in two female leads. We suggest a Superbad reunion with Emma Stone as Hill’s wife.

4. Bring Back Rob Riggle

Much like The Hangover’s decision to bring back Ken Jeong in The Hangover 2, the writers of 23 Jump Street should figure out a way to get Rob Riggle’s character out of jail and back into the Jump Street shenanigans. He can bring Dave Franco along too if he likes.

5. Get A Big Name

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have ascended to the A-list table at the celebrity party at a young age. They are BIG names. But like Beyoncé in Goldmember, sometimes you need to bring out the big guns to get people to see a movie they already assume based on cinematic history will be the weakest link in a trilogy.