These 12 Best Vines From 2014 Will Remind You Why It Is Perfect


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Vine has gone from something we were all a little confused by when it launched to being one of the best outlets for creativity in 2014. Famous people are born through Vine and viral sensations blow up on Vine. The little six second snapshots are compact pieces of musical beauty, comedy and sometimes even important issues. We picked some of our favourites from this year. It was tough but I think we did it.

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Llama Gets Hype To DMX

From a long history of setting animal videos to rap songs, this one may be the finest. You can keep your goldfish rapping along with Xhibit or your donkey twerking to Iggy Azalea. We will take a llama prancing to DMX any day. Okay we will take those other ones too please and thank you.

Likes: 110.8K Revines: 128K Comments: 15.2K

Liam From One Direction Is So Over It

The video of Liam walking the fan line at Australia’s ARIA awards is so hilarious. The way his face goes from smiley to flat and then to the greatest eye role of all time is just pure comedy. He got some negative feedback but we really feel for the dude.

Likes: 6,119K Revines: 2,853 Comments: 1,061

Shawn Mendes Kills It With “Ain’t No Sunshine”

There are so many videos we could have picked from Shawn Mendes’ Vine account. His ability to wow in six seconds was what kick started his fame. We almost picked “Summertime Sadness” or “Drunk In Love” since he has been incorporating those covers in his live shows. But this short little cover is so powerful.

Likes: 183.49K Revines: 81.2K Comments: 6,931

Kid Gets Real Low and Real Freaky At A Marlins Game

Gosh. This Vine. There really are no words. This Vine went viral in June after someone noticed this little scamp who was really, really excited to be picked up on camera at a Miami Marlins baseball came. It gets more and more crazy over the six seconds. His enthusiasm, his tongue, his chest baring, his dance movies. It is all just too much.

Likes: 82.7K Revines: 81.8K Comments: 7,952

In My Mum’s Car #BroomBroom

This is the Vine that launched a thousand memes. It is one of those rare examples of something that is so funny while being so earnest. Both Tish and her mum are so into being in this Vine. Because the internet is also horrible, Tish did get bullied online for her Vine but according to Buzzfeed it seems like she has learned to be okay with her web fame.

Likes: 439.7K Revines: 361.3K Comments: 35.2K

Blue Ivy Is Beyonce’s Biggest Fan

If you haven’t watched the video that should win Best Documentary Short at next year’s Academy Awards, may I present Blue Ivy doing the Flawless dance at the MTV Video Music Awards. SHE IS SO CUTE IT MAKES ME WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING AND NEVER EAT AGAIN AND GO FOR A RUN AND GO TO SLEEP AND KISS EVERYONE AND THEN HIDE.

Likes: 133.5K Revines: 96.4K Comments: 5,158

The Birth of the Shmoney

Bobby Shmurda released the video for hos song “Hot *****” and earned a fairly impressive fan base. Then, one day, a Vine was uploaded of a short clip of Bobby doing the Shmoney Dance. Then both the dance move and the song blew up. Now Bobby is signed to Sony and people like Beyonce and Jay Z are doing the Shmoney. We are all doing the Shmoney!

Likes: 44.5K Revines: 41.7K Comments: 1,398

It features explicit language.


World Cup Ref Plays It Cool After Serious Diss

This is how you bounce back flawlessly from a missed handshake.

Likes: 6,362K Revines: 5,070K Comments: 313

Rosie Pig Helps Out On Moving Day

From the dog who brought us the “Pour Some Sugar On Me” Vine comes “It’s Moving Day”. After a brief hiatus, Rosie Pig came back with a bang with two of her best contributaions to the Vine canon with this one and another one of her chasing a pomeranian. Long live the Rosie Pig!

Likes: 190.8K Revines: 131.9K Comments: 15.3K

Zach King Prints His Own Kitten

Zach King is, ahem, the King of a certain type of Vine. The type that makes your brain hurt. This may be our favourite type of Vine. With the use of genius editing and quick cuts, his Vines are modern day magic tricks. We could have picked really any of his Vines but this one has a kitten in it so it wins.

Likes: 86.9K Revines: 35.6K Comments: 2,462

All Cop Movies Are The Same

With the dawn of Vine, there has been a new breed of celebrity. The Vine celeb. There are a ton of creative people making it big in six second bursts. They also often work together. We love King Bach. He has had an incredible year and appeared on the cover of New York magazine. This one also stars fellow Vine celeb Josh Peck.

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